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All About Medical Abortion, Its Use, and Availability

Medical abortion or pregnancy termination with pills involves the use of two types of medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol. You can follow this combination treatment for non-invasive expelling of pregnancy portions from the womb. But the pregnancy has to be intrauterine and within 63 days of gestation. Since 2000, the popularity of in-home procedure with these pills have increased after the



Journey From Unwanted Pregnancy to Medical Abortion in Texas

I am a 23 years old woman from Texas. Just a year back I got promoted in my workplace and was enjoying my role as tour guide manager. My job required me to travel to places and though it paid me well, I had odd working hours. Yet, everything was going well. I had my parents elsewhere and lived off with my boyfriend in a comfortable apartment. But then, he lost his job and became ill-tempered. And one fine day, he decided he could not take it anymore and needed a break from everything, including us.He was not sure if he would return. I was aghast, and even the news of pregnancy which I had shared with him earlier that week, did not change



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By Davis 07 Oct 2022

Got to know about this website through a friend. I was eagerly looking for Abortion pills for my girlfriend and her friend recommended them to me. I ordered the pills and they came within 3 days. The pills were delivered in discreet packaging and they were super effective. My girlfriend started her abortion the next day after taking the pills. What a sign of relief it was to get over an unwanted pregnancy. Will surely recommend it as it's the best pharmacy.

  • Gabriella
    I was in two minds about medical abortion because I thought surgical abortion was more conducive. Bu...Read More
  • Charlotte
    I had lost all hope of getting out of my unplanned pregnancy until a friend suggested this platform ...Read More
  • Davis
    Got to know about this website through a friend. I was eagerly looking for Abortion pills for my gir...Read More
  • Michelle
    I am very satisfied with the service of this website. the delivery of MTP Kit was quick and discreet...Read More

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