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How to recover your emotional health after an abortion?

An unwanted pregnancy can be a disaster in a womans life, especially in lack of financial, social and emotional support. There is an option of an abortion, either surgical or medical. A medical abortion is one of the secure ways of doing an abortion. It is done using abortion pills and MTP kits, which are easily available at any online pharmacy or even local drugstore. A research says that ab



Pregnancy termination in the first trimester

Pregnancy termination or abortion is nothing but ending an unwanted pregnancy. It can be done in two ways- either through medications or by surgery. An unplanned pregnancy can occur to any woman from any age group. The weeks of the pregnancy are counted from the first day of your last period. As per the global research, women who get themselves aborted within the first trimester of pregnancy, find it less painful than the ones who did it after the first trimester. So the initial weeks of pregnancy are the best time to decide if you want to keep the baby or you don't. If you do not want to keep the baby, medical abortion can be a safe and



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By B. Liles 07 Sep 2018

MTP kit is easier to buy than buying the pills separately. both the pills worked fine. did not face pain as such... I was expecting it to be extremely painful but thankfully it wasn't that painful

  • C Brown
    I was confused between medical and surgical abortion but after reading blogs regarding medical abort...Read More
  • Maryln
    After I took mtp kit some side effects start heavy bleed, diarrhea, and tiredness...Read More
  • Doris M. Sale
    Thank u team 4 supporting during the abortion procedure...Read More
  • Graham
    I have chosen mifeprex for 3weeks medical abortion and its worked well than what I expected....Read More

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