Abortion pills and future pregnancy: Two unassociated terms

When a woman decides the method of ending an unwanted pregnancy, future pregnancy is one of the concerns. Though surgical and medical abortion, both methods are safe for a woman, medical abortion is said to be safer when it comes to the concerns of future pregnancy.  This blog explains if there’s any relation between abortion pills and future pregnancy. It primarily tells you the procedure of abortion help you gain a bigger picture of abortion pills and future pregnancy.  How abortion pills work The Abortion pills make hormonal changes in the body and end the pregnancy at home. The first medicine, Mifepristone in the drug combination is administered to stop the development of the pregnancy. Along with stopping the pregnancy development, the pill also separates the pregnancy from the womb.  The misoprostol medicines eject fetal tissues from the body as it brings contractions in the lining of the uterus. Cytolog…

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Why Online Pharmacy is a Better Option for Abortion Pills?

Buying abortion pills online from websites is not new to the world today. Why are so many women are shifting to online option instead of getting abortion medication at the local stores? This blog helps you find it out through the following points. Saves travel cost & time: You can actually buy MTP kit online without moving out of your house and still receive at your doorstep. A lot of women travel to different regions and countries only to find reliable solutions for their unwanted pregnancy and get treated. Maintains privacy Needless to say that buying abortion pills online will help you maintain your privacy about the whole situation. Some of the pharmacies also offer discreet packaging which adds to the point. Connects global medical experts: The online world is larger than you think it is. When you plan to get abortion pills online, you are connected with medical experts…

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Whom Should You Approach To Talk About Medical Abortion?

When you undergo a medical abortion procedure, of course, there are many changes that you go through. The changes may not be necessarily only physical but also mental or emotional. For some women, the pregnancy termination procedure brings in a positive change in their life making them more confident while for some women, it can be a tensed situation. As a woman, you should understand when to speak what and most importantly to whom! This blog explains who you need to approach for medical abortion help. Your Partner: The first person to talk to about your unwanted pregnancy and the medical abortion decision should be your partner. Try to make him understand why you wish to end your pregnancy. Know how he can help you in this procedure. As a partner, he will surely offer you support and help if Your friend: If you believe that your partner does not…

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Where To Buy MTP Kit Online From?

Online pharmacies are always preferred by women instead of local stores. Since they do not have to spend money on traveling or be depended on the uncertainties of local pharma stores, it becomes convenient for them to buy abortion pill kit online. MTP kit contains the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol which approved by the Food and Drug Administration, US. Both the pills contribute to ending an unwanted pregnancy of up to 63 days with home administering and abortion care. Despite knowing that ending the pregnancy at home with the help of online abortion pills is easier, women often do not know where to look for them. This blog explains where you can find MTP kit on the internet and administer the pills to terminate your unwanted first-trimester pregnancy. When you are searching for MTP kit on the internet: Type what you need: If you are specifically looking Medical Termination…

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How To Deal With Depression Due To Unwanted Pregnancy?

An unwanted pregnancy is said to be one of the most reasons for depression cases in the US. Additionally, such kind of depression is often ignored by women and hence it has more chances of leading to devastating situations. Meditation, pampering yourself, getting involved in reading or art form, engaging yourself in activities etc can be done to come out the depression phase. Here’s some more guidance on how you can tackle the situation. Consult an expert: Be it a healthcare expert guiding you on medical abortion or psychologist who can help you with depression, you must speak to experts. You will get the right medical abortion information and guidance. Also, you’ll be given proper treatment to come out of your depression phase. Speak to your partner: An unwanted pregnancy can be from your boyfriend, your husband, or any sexual partner who may not be in a relationship with you….

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Sexual Intercourse after Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is a mentally and physically critical phase that a woman goes through when ending an unwanted pregnancy. Returning to your regular activities can take time but not more than a week. Can you perform sexual intercourse while undergoing medical abortion process? No! When you consume abortion pills, the Misoprostol abortion pill in the two contains prostaglandin elements in it. These prostaglandin elements create uterine contractions post-consumption. It eventually removes the fetal contents and contributes to ending an unwanted pregnancy. The vaginal bleeding encountered during this time makes the vagina delicate and vulnerable. Your vagina is exposed to infection and hence requires care and rest. If you insert anything into the vagina, it will affect its health due to infection or other complications. Hence, when you perform a medical abortion, you cannot have sexual intercourse. Additionally, you cannot a sexual activity which involves vaginal insertion or any other thing….

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what is the difference between Abortion Pill and Emergency pill?

Emergency contraceptive tablet and abortion tablets are more likely to be confused among pill as their working is mainly concerned with an unwanted pregnancy. Today, both medicines are easily available at online stores and local stores as well. However, one must understand when to buy abortion pills online when to buy plan B like pills to deal with your unwanted pregnancy. While speaking of their working, dosage and other things, both medicines are completely different than other medicines. The difference between the abortion pill and the emergency pill is explained in this blog. What is abortion pill? An abortion pill is a medicine that contributes to the medical abortion procedure. There are two types of abortion pills. Anti-progesterone and prostaglandin. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular abortion pill combination that ends an unwanted pregnancy together. What is the emergency pill? An emergency pill is a contraception which is consumed after…

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Gestation period and medical abortion

The missing period gives a woman second thoughts of pregnancy news. Even if she confirms her pregnancy, she cannot assuredly guess the gestation of her pregnancy. It becomes very important for her to calculate how many weeks is the gestation of your pregnancy. It is even more important if it is an unwanted pregnancy and you wish to end it with medical abortion. Before you calculate the gestation of pregnancy, we’ll understand the meaning of pregnancy gestation. The gestation of pregnancy is essentially the pregnancy length. The calculation of gestation is not as simple as it seems! You can calculate your pregnancy through the following ways. Sometimes women misunderstand the gestation calculation and add up their weeks from the day pregnancy confirmation. The ideal way to calculate the gestation length of pregnancy is by the last menstrual period. If you wish to understand your pregnancy length, you must get back…

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How to recover your emotional health after an abortion?

An unwanted pregnancy can be a disaster in a woman’s life, especially in lack of financial, social and emotional support. There is an option of an abortion, either surgical or medical. A medical abortion is one of the secure ways of doing an abortion. It is done using abortion pills and MTP kits, which are easily available at any online pharmacy or even local drugstore. A research says that about 10% of woman health issues are associated with an abortion and unwanted pregnancy. Of course, abortion induces the feeling of relief in the case of an unwanted pregnancy, but there are other feelings too. These feelings may vary in different scenarios to different women. They are mostly dependent on the conditions in which they had to take the decision of an abortion. Most of the times the emotions they feel are mixed- both negative and positive. Positive emotions mostly include…

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Pregnancy termination in the first trimester

Pregnancy termination or abortion is nothing but ending an unwanted pregnancy. It can be done in two ways- either through medications or by surgery. An unplanned pregnancy can occur to any woman from any age group. The weeks of the pregnancy are counted from the first day of your last period. As per the global research, women who get themselves aborted within the first trimester of pregnancy, find it less painful than the ones who did it after the first trimester. So the initial weeks of pregnancy are the best time to decide if you want to keep the baby or you don’t. If you do not want to keep the baby, medical abortion can be a safe and reliable option for you. You can buy MTP Kit from any online pharmacy. Remember, a woman has all the rights regarding the decision of pregnancy, either termination or continuation. Research says…

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