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5 Important things you should know before taking MTP Kit for Medical Abortion

MTP Kit is a non-invasive treatment for an unplanned pregnancy. You can buy MTP Kit online, and get Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills in one pack. The pills are best used for early pregnancy within the gestation age of up to 9 weeks. This combination method helps to remove the pregnancy portions from the womb without you having to get hospitalized or anesthesia.

So, you save on your expenses a lot as compared to the invasive method of pregnancy termination. You can buy MTP Kit online with fast shipping, if you need the pills in an emergency, especially when nearing the mark of 9 weeks of gestation. The sooner you use the medicine during your pregnancy, the better it will be.

In this post, we will talk about some of the important things to know about the MTP Kit. The facility to buy MTP Kit online with overnight delivery, with other benefits.

1.  How to Take MTP Kit Pills?

After you buy Abortion Pill Kit online, firstly, use the Mifepristone 200mg pill orally with water on day 1. Do not break, chew, or powder the pills. You have to administer Misoprostol pills after 24 to 48 hours afterward. In the buccal method of consumption. put all the Misoprostol tablets under the tongue or place 2 pills each in your cheek cavities for 30 minutes. And after the pills melt, orally consume the contents with water.

In the vaginal method of administration. place one pill after the other deep inside your vagina after washing your finger thoroughly. Then wait for 30 minutes laying down so that the uterus is able to absorb the melted pills.

2.  How Do the Pills Work?

The MTP Kit buy online option is available for every person who is over 18 years of age and with an intrauterine pregnancy. The Mifepristone medicine suppresses the pregnancy hormone progesterone to remove the fetus from the uterus wall by shedding the uterine lining. Do remember that as the pregnancy goes beyond 5 weeks, you will need a greater number of Misoprostol pills to successfully terminate your pregnancy.

In the order MTP Kit online. The use of Misoprostol 4 x 200mcg pills is to expel the pregnancy parts from the womb through heavy vaginal bleeding. You can use one MTP Kit if your pregnancy is within 5 weeks of gestation. However, 2 MTP Kits are required for a pregnancy that is within 6 to 9 weeks of gestation. When using 2 kits, take 4 pills at once and then give an interval of 3 hours before administering the rest of the 4 pills. If you still do not get bleeding within a few hours, then you may need 4 more pills of Misoprostol.

3.  What Are the Effects of Medicine?

Apart from heavy vaginal bleeding and cramps (pain to be managed with a painkiller or application of a hot water bag). You may encounter a few side effects such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, and headache. But these are temporary and go away as the uterus empties. The bleeding also reduces after the pregnancy contents are completely ousted from the womb. You can take antiemetic medicine for nausea. Stay hydrated on water and smoothies, and eat a healthy meal every time for quick recovery.

4.  Worldwide Availability of Pills

You can buy MTP Kit online overseas shipping from anywhere and that is what makes the pill procedure popular as well as easily chosen by women. You just need an internet connection and order from BuyAbortionPills, your trustable online pharmacy. We guarantee discretion, privacy, comfort, fast shipping, cost-effective purchase, secured transactions, and Live Chat support 24 x 7, apart from other facilities. You will receive sufficient guidance from our outlet about the medication so that you can self-administer the pills at home.

5.  Overnight Shipping of Pills

If you provide a delivery address that is within the United States, then you can choose to get the overnight delivery option. Here, the pills arrive at your doorstep within 2 to 4 business days. Thus, you can buy MTP Kit online in USA and get sufficient time to prepare for necessary supplies. During this time, you can speak to your healthcare provider, and do other essentials before taking the pills.

To Conclude

MTP Kit is a genuine medication pack with abortion pills that will aid you in ending an unintended pregnancy safely within the comfort of your home. Follow the above tips and information to understand medical pregnancy termination more deeply.

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Birth Control Choices After a Successful Medical Abortion

After getting an abortion, your chances of conceiving do not go away. Rather, you can ovulate as soon as 2 weeks. This means you can get pregnant soon after the pregnancy termination procedure. So, if you do not want to get pregnant immediately, you must consult your healthcare provider about birth control options. Now the type of contraceptive depends on the type of abortion you have had. In this post, we will discuss pregnancy prevention methods and the importance of same after a medical abortion.

Which Birth Control to Use After a Medical Abortion?

Right after ending a pregnancy through the abortion pill, you can choose hormonal contraceptives such as the shot, pill, or patch. You can start as soon as the heavy bleeding from the procedure finishes. And if you wish to get an IUD (Intrauterine Device) fixed, then you can consider it following 1 to 2 weeks of abortion completion. For immediate protection during intercourse, you can depend on internal condoms, diaphragm, condoms, sponge, spermicide, or cervical cap.

The key to choosing the best birth control is to understand your needs first. Do you want something easy and simple to remember? Or, do you want to start with the one for which you do not need the assistance of a physician? Or, do you wish to get lighter menstrual bleeding? There are several birth control methods to explore – a few that are effective right away and the remaining that may take some time to give results.

You can look for long-acting or short-acting types or the ones that are permanent to prevent pregnancy:

Long-acting Reversible Contraception (LARC): This indicated reversible methods, wherein you stay protected from pregnancy for several months or years. Some of the alternatives are hormonal injections or shots, implants, and intrauterine devices.

Short-acting Contraception: This is about daily barrier methods such as daily birth control pills and condoms. Both female and male condoms are available.

Permanent Birth Control: If you do not plan to get pregnant again, you may consider sterilization or tubal ligation. Here, the surgeon removes, blocks, or clips the fallopian tubes. This does not allow the sperm to reach the egg and cause fertilization.

How Soon Should You Begin Birth Control Following an Abortion?

Experts say that you should look for alternatives to safeguard against pregnancy as soon as 3 to 9 days or right after getting the uterus emptied. If you do so, the protection from pregnancy happens right away. So, whenever you become sexually active again, there is no need to use barrier methods. However, a condom does act as more than just contraception. It helps to avert the risk of STIs and STDs. If you are not ready yet to use birth control, then you may want to avoid unprotected intercourse for the time being.

If you wait for a week or more after medical abortion success, to begin with, hormonal contraceptives such as the patch, ring, pill, or IUD, then you will need to use a condom during intercourse for the initial period of a week after beginning with it. If you have been using a particular birth control before the abortion pill process, but want to switch it now, you may do so. But consult your physician to think through which alternative will best suit your health and needs.

To Conclude

Remember that if you are still bleeding from the procedure, it is better to choose a birth control that you can use externally and not get placed inside the vagina or the reproductive organs. Discuss with your physician about the choices for contraception and plan for it soon after the abortion. But do so once you know that the uterus does not have pregnancy remains.

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