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How To Get Prepared For a Medical Abortion

how-to-get-prepare-for medical-abortion

Medical pregnancy termination is process is easy and there’ no doubt in that, that being said, a woman must be aware of the measures which need to be taken before, during and after the medical abortion process. When you prioritize your health, the abortion procedure will undoubtedly go smoothly without much complication. It can additionally help you tackle the minor side effects of medical abortion.  

Before the medical abortion:

  • Learn your medical history. Meanwhile, the pills arrive, you could also learn the mechanism, precautions and prepare accordingly. Speak to your physician Nowadays, women can not only buy abortion pills online but also get the consultation online.
  • Most women prefer using tampons for their menstrual periods, however, bleeding during the abortion process is different and heavier than the normal periods. Medical experts suggest the use of tampons should be avoided, instead, use maxi pads.
  • Hydrating drinks, fruits, vegetables are ideally taken during and before the abortion process. Learn more about the whole abortion diet and follow the same to ensure that the process completes without any difficulties.

During the abortion process:

  • Although many women work while they undergo the noninvasive pregnancy termination process, taking a break from your work is always a better option. Working from home is a suitable option for women cannot skip their work.
  • Eat lightly during an abortion. The medication has to dissolve in your body smoothly for which the woman has to take care to lower the chances of vomiting and nausea. Consult your physician if you are taking any other medication.
  • Do not indulge in any heavy physical activity since it can create pressure on your overall body and specifically the vaginal area.
  • Be with someone who can assist you and help you if you feel weak and nauseous. The person can also take you the nearest clinic in case of emergencies.

After Medical abortion:

  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke for at least two weeks. This might hinder the process of recovering from the medical pregnancy termination process.
  • Several hormonal changes take place in your body when you administer the abortion pills. Your body and especially your vaginal area need to heal completely. Inserting anything into the vagina will make it vulnerable and will require more to get normal from the abortion. Hence, intercourse or any sexual activity has to be avoided until you completely recover.
  • Visit your clinic to confirm your pregnancy termination. The fetus particles can take time to completely remove from your body. It is advised to perform the
  • Buy Ovral L or any birth control method that can effectively help prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Use it when getting into the intercourse activity following an abortion.

Aforementioned measures can assuredly ensure that the whole pregnancy termination procedure occurs smoothly. The precautions further help the woman to recover from an abortion faster and easier. Kindly

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How to Know The Early Pregnancy Signs?

how-to-know-early-pregnancyMissing a menstrual period does not always mean conception. While pregnancy news can be the happiest moment for some women, for others, it can be a nightmare. Even when you confirm an unintended and unwanted pregnancy, you need not worry as you can buy abortion pills to end it before it reaches the gestation period of ten weeks. Firstly, understand the pregnancy symptoms.
Following are symptoms of an early pregnancy:

1. Tender or swollen breasts:
Tender or swollen breasts can be the first indication of early pregnancy. The hormonal changes in the body after two weeks of the gestational period make your breast a bit heavier and full.

2. Fatigue:
The level of progesterone hormone soars during early pregnancy causing tiredness or weakness. The lowered sugar and blood pressure level can make your energy down adding drowsiness and sleepiness.

3. Nausea and Vomiting:
Nausea and vomiting are known to be one of the prominent symptoms of conception. This begins in the first two weeks of pregnancy period although some may experience a few weeks later. A rise in the levels of estrogen hormones is rapid enough to make your stomach empty more slowly. The sense of smell in pregnant women gets high, various odors making them feel nauseous.

4. Food Cravings:
Food cravings can take up most of the pregnant women’s time. Especially junk food like fried food or even coffee can attract pregnant women. The hormonal changes occurring in the body make women change their food choices and turn their nose to delicious food around them.

5. Raised basal body temperature:
The oral temperature when you first wake up in the morning tells you basal body temperature which suddenly rises during early pregnancy. Monitoring your basal temperature regularly will let you learn the difference between the two if you’re pregnant.

6. A headache:
Hormonal changes in your body can increase the blood circulation causing constant mild headaches. If you’re experiencing

7. Constipation:
The increased amount of progesterone leads to slower food passing through the intestines, thereby, causing constipation and hence it can also be an indication of early pregnancy.

Following are the indications of conception. It’s always better to be reassured about certain things and hence, confirming your pregnancy through a home pregnancy test can help you make further decisions at the earliest. If you wish to keep the baby, you can consult for pregnancy care measures. If the pregnancy is unwanted and up to the gestation period of 8 weeks, you can buy abortion pills online to terminate it at home.

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Hygiene to be Maintained During Medical Abortion

Hygiene should be the utmost priority for anyone when it comes to healthcare. When a woman undergoes a medical abortion, her body is likely to become weak during the procedure. You have to carefully look into the sanitation and hygiene part of the whole medical process. Not only does it help avoiding infection and other complications, but it also helps in the faster recovery of a woman from the medical abortion. One needs to understand the sensitivity of the subject and sanitation measures to be taken during the abortion process.

Reasons behind more importance given to hygiene during the process of pregnancy termination:
The genital area of women is blessed with a self-cleaning system which naturally helps cure the genital parts on its own. The apprised fact may be known, many a time, women take it for granted and try cleaning the genital area through wrong ways.

Using pads during the procedure:
A lot of women who buy abortion pills online UK US and many other parts of Europe are unaware of the importance of pads during an abortion as they use tampons during their menstruation. Vaginal bleeding during a medical abortion is different and heavier than normal menstrual periods. The chances of infection or bacterial transmission are more during this time. Hence, women are advised not to use tampons and go for pads or maxi pads during this time.

How often should you change pads?
A woman usually requires 2-3 normal pads during her menstrual periods. It So, despite using maxi pads, she may require 4-5 pads a day during initial bleeding of medical abortion. You have to monitor your bleeding in this period. The bleeding does not last for long once the fetus contents have passed.

Cleaning your genital area:
Experts advise women not to take baths while undergoing a medical abortion. Women should take utmost care of their genital area and ensure that bacterial or viral infection does not spread as it can increase the complications of the pregnancy termination process. Even while you wash your vaginal and anal area, move your hands from the first to the latter part. The anus to the vagina cleansing always increases the risks of bacterial transmission.  Do not insert anything into your vagina to clean the parts. Using soaps or vaginal cleansing solutions should also be avoided when you’re on the pills.

Other sanitation care:
Since diarrhea is one of the side effects of medical abortion, it is advisable for women to eat healthy and light food from clean plates and increase the hydrating intake.

When you buy abortion pills and take care of aforementioned hygiene, the abortion will be successful and with less or no complications involved.

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What Are The Things You Should Know About Medical Abortion and Fertility?

Medical Abortion and FertilityAlthough women are getting educated regarding abortion, there are still some parts of the world where women do not have knowledge about medical abortions. They end up in an unwanted situation not understanding what needs to be done. Furthermore, the idea of losing your fertility because of your abortion decision seems a horrible idea. So here’s what you need to know about abortion and fertility.

When you buy abortion pills it involves two essential medication which terminates an early pregnancy. The first medication is an anti-progesterone medicine i.e. Mifepristone.

What does Mifepristone do?

Women are expected to consume the anti-progesterone tablet, Mifepristone (200mg) as early as possible up to ten weeks of their pregnancy. Progesterone is a hormone in women that helps in the growth pregnancy. Mifepristone contains elements which work against this hormone and stops the growth of your pregnancy. Most women do not experience a major difference after they administer Mifepristone, however, it is not abnormal to experience bleeding after consuming the first tablet. Nevertheless, there’s no long-term change that a woman faces.

Mifeprex is a similar tablet containing anti-progesterone elements. Women can use this as an alternate option for mifepristone.

Soon after administering the first tablet, women take rest and wait until the second medication, which is misoprostol. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin medication which is taken along with mifepristone.

What does Misoprostol do?
The secondary medication (200mcg each) can be taken vaginally or buccally.

1. Vaginal administration: Inserting the drug inside the vagina. Two each side
2. Oral administration: Keeping drugs in the cheek pockets. Two each side.

Misoprostol empties the uterus lining causing abdomen contractions. When women buy Misoprostol online, she experiences bleeding shortly after the consumption of Misoprostol. It ensures that all the fetus particles are removed from the body through vaginal bleeding. Heavy bleeding and cramps are the two after effects of Misoprostol.

Note: Cytolog can be also be used as a secondary medication since it has similar constituents as you find in misoprostol.

The side effects of abortion medication:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Faintness
  • Cramping
  • Heavy Bleeding

However above side effects do not last more than a week. Additionally, they do not

A medical abortion has zero side effects on your future pregnancies. it affects any of your future pregnancy nor does it have a reaction to your fertility. Unlike the case in surgical abortion, there’s no question of invasion of surgical instruments which might affect your reproductive area as there are chances of infection. Hence, medical abortion is safe to terminate your early pregnancy without worrying about future fertility problems.

When to take Precautions:

  • If you are allergic to certain medications similar to abortion pills.
  • If you’re a heart patient
  • If you have another major disease during or before pregnancy
  • Cases of ectopic pregnancy

All that being said, it is also important to note that how you administer the pills and your healthcare play a crucial role in the whole abortion process. Do not undergo an abortion without prescription given by an authorized doctor. Pay attention to the instructions for using the medicines.

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