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Menstruation after abortion, what to anticipate

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Menstruation after an abortion has a signal that your body has returned to normal. But, isn’t it obvious that after such a stressful process, normal day to day tasks are going to become profoundly unusual than being normal?

When you buy abortion pills and administer them to end your pregnancy, you’re likely to expect heavy bleeding after the second pill intake. The period that occurs after that bleeding is the first menstrual period after an abortion. You can even buy MTP kit to get both the medicines at once.

So when does your body actually behaves as it should?! Menstruation is one such way to know about the usual homeostasis of a female body, after abortion.

What is the exact time when a woman has to expect the menstrual period, after her abortion?

It gets delayed, often for as long as 8 weeks!: After an abortion, the hormones from the ovaries are usually damaged. In a span of month or two, they seem to regulate on a normal flow. So it’s quite evident that a delay in the menstruation cycle for about 8 weeks is possible. Usually the time rests between 4 to 8 weeks, still one has to expect that the body takes time to heal so 2 months is a normal thing. If the cycle doesn’t reappear after 8 weeks, consult your doctor immediately and take adequate measures.

The first menstrual period is often confused with the process of blood flow, that’s an indication of one of the side effects. At times irregular periods often categorizes with blood clots, making it difficult to get back to track even after 8 weeks.

Cramps can occur anytime ranging from 3rd to 5th week. This is quite normal as the body would be expelling all the damaged and worn and worn out tissues to manage homeostasis.

Progesterone and estrogen would be subsequently faded after abortion. Not that the body won’t be producing them, but after the destruction of the fetus, it takes quite a lot of time for the ovaries to produce them. Even testosterone would be much lower than usual that can result in fatigues and changes in behavior. Sexual life can also be hit. Often women who have had an abortion are advised not to start immediate sexual intercourse after the process. If they resume, it is also advised for using contraceptive pills. Considered its quite easy these days to buy abortion pills online.

Consequences such as high fever and foul smell raise questions about complication. Consultation with the doctor is needed if such problem continues to occur after 8 weeks.

Therefore it is essential to wait at least for 2 months, after having an abortion to make the body fully recover from the damage. Mood swings accompanied by weight loss are also seen in some cases. Just give your body the adequate time that is required for it to heal, as such it will attain stability in the due course.

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Uterine Cancer: Risk Factors and Prevention

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Uterine cancer, known by its pseudonym as endometrial cancer is a metastasized version of cancer that affects women. Target groups consist of the elderly, close to menopause, with exceptions in the young generation.

Speaking of the causes of Uterine Cancer, there’s a misconception in women that medical abortion affects the uterus in long-term leading to cancer. Absolutely untrue! Abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol do not lead to any long-term consequence. In fact, there are many online pharmacies which offer safe abortion pills online and help to end your pregnancy with no cancer risks involved.   

Usually, early symptoms are negligible with the advance form being fatal at times

Several factors affect the onset of Uterine cancer. Most of the major causes being termed as hormonal changes and age. Common risks are mentioned below.

RACE: Caucasian women tend to have been affected more with Uterine cancer than other races. Research even suggests Black Africans getting added to the red zone. Genetics of Caucasian women over the decades has cancerous fragments which may be the sole reason for the enhanced risk.

HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Female hormone Estrogen has a primitive role in the onset of Uterine cancer. Women who had early menstruation, termed before 12 years of age are at increased risk than rest. A prominent imbalance in progesterone levels adds to the risk. Some women have hormone replacement therapy which even increases estrogen, after menopause.

OBESITY: Referred to as the main catalyst in several diseases, weight gain has been termed influential in Uterine cancer. Fatty tissues of women who are obese have been shown to release more of estrogen, resulting in increased risk of the cancer

AGE: Elderly women, mostly aged above 45 have an increased risk of developing Uterine cancer. Menopause acts as a sole indicator that the hormones have tampered in a woman’s body. Estrogen production if not controlled, can have adverse effects of developing Uterine cancer.

DIABETES: Type 1 Diabetes has a conflicting effect on the body, which affects the pancreas producing no insulin. Even Type 2 diabetes has an extensive influence on the risk of developing Uterine cancer. Often obesity and diabetes are interlinked, hence women who have diabetes have augmented risk of developing uterine cancer.

Early measures help in reducing the risk of developing Uterine cancer, which can be utilized mainly before menopause.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Regularly monitoring weight and BMI can reduce the risk of several cancers including Uterine cancer. A balanced diet with 5-6 days of exercise helps in the regulation of progesterone and estrogen effectively. Even after menopause, proper diet and exercise, release hormones effectively reducing the outcome of early risks.

Uterine Cancer: Risk Factors and Prevention

CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS: when you buy Ovral G or other contraceptives, the pills have both estrogen and progesterone which has an influence on the menstrual cycle. This reduces the process of uterine lining and balances hormones in the long run (menopause).

DETAILED FAMILY HISTORY: If a family has a history of cancers, it is likely to be inhibited by the succeeding generation. As such having a constant medical checkup helps in tackling the early incipience of Uterine cancer.

DIABETES CHECK: Diabetes greatly adds to the unexpected risks of Uterine cancer. Having a detailed check up periodically helps in having a grip on the metastization. Monitoring glucose levels and having healthy meals in time helps in the constant spike of insulin.


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What are the consequences of unwanted pregnancy?

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The situations of unwanted pregnancy have become prominent than ever before. If ignored, such situations can lead to the fatal truth of a woman’s life. There’s a need to educate woman on how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. The education offered must also include emotional recovery from the whole event.

Though an unintended conception is a personal affair, its impact is largely felt by the family and the overall society.

What can be the possible reasons for an unintended pregnancy?

  • Contraceptive failure
  • Unprotected intercourse
  • Rape (rare)
  • Torn condom

Women who become alone in an unintended pregnancy situation, end up following unhealthy and false practices of ending a pregnancy. Many a time, this leads to several health risks to the woman which can possibly be serious or fatal at times.

If she chooses to continue the pregnancy, the consequences of the same can be negative. Following are some of the consequences of a continued unwanted pregnancy.


If the woman has to continue the pregnancy, the possibilities of going into depression cannot be ignored. On the other hand, when she chooses to buy abortion pills and end her pregnancy, the woman becomes free from the stress and heads a happy life.


The woman may not be able to perform her duty as a parent due to lack of affection towards the child. This happens in the cases when the woman is unmarried and gets pregnant with someone whom she does not want to pair with.

Unstable financial condition

Many a time couple make an abortion decision because they cannot offer enough provisions and facilities to their future child/children. In such cases, the family’s financial condition gets even more unstable after a continued undesirable pregnancy.

Incomplete education:

There have been many cases where women get pregnant in the middle of their education. Abortion is the only suitable option in a situation like these. Such women have reported discontinuing their education as they were not allowed to end the pregnancy.

Regardless of the cause or any other factors, you can deal with the unwanted pregnancy and avoid its consequences through safe abortion pills.

When you abort your pregnancy through medications, the pregnancy can be ended at home with complete privacy maintained. This further helps to prevent the consequences of a continued conception.

The issue has to be addressed in every country while allowing women to freely make decisions on their pregnancies. The availability of abortion pill in the US is more on the online pharmacies than the local stores. These pharmacies allow women to buy abortion pills online and help them end the pregnancy maintaining their pregnancy.

Also, the unintended pregnancy events can be avoided if women in every country will be educated about the safe intercourse practices. If the couple tends to forget to get a condom at the time of intimating, the woman can consider buying Ovral G or other contraception methods for the pregnancy termination. Successful pregnancy prevention helps women to keep unintended pregnancy at bay.

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How safe is it to travel during a medical abortion?

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Medical abortion is an easy way of ending an early pregnancy at home. There are certain precautions that women need to take during and after the process of a medical pregnancy termination. Physicians or doctors never advise women to travel during the abortion since the condition is usually weak during this time. Let’s understand why you shouldn’t travel during the pregnancy termination process.

Travel during a medical abortion:

If you are planning to travel during the abortion process, it’s not a bad idea but not a wise thought either. However, you need to be aware of the after effects of medical abortion if you choose to travel during the process. .

The after effects of an abortion:

When you buy Mifeprex and misoprostol pill to terminate your unwanted pregnancy, the second pill in the drug combination contains prostaglandin elements which cause hormonal changes in the uterine wall. You experience following symptoms of abortion after taking the pill.

  • Cramping:

Intense cramping is a result of the contraction of the uterine wall. Women suspect abdomen pain 3-4 hours after taking the second tablet.

  • Vaginal Bleeding:

The pregnancy blood clots are being passed through vaginal bleeding which lasts up to a week. The bleeding is typically heavier than the normal menstrual periods.

Apart from the symptoms of abortion, there are certain after effects which may not occur in every case but the possibilities cannot be denied or ignored. These side effects of medical abortion include nausea, diarrhea, headache, etc.

Due to the aforementioned after effects of the medical abortion, the body at the time.  becomes weak Since women require rest to recover from the medical abortion, it is advised not to involve into intense physical activities. Hence, even traveling should be avoided during the process of medical abortion. You can continue traveling a week after the process when you feel completely healed and ready to travel.

Medical abortion doesn’t make you travel:

There are a couple of websites who offer misoprostol and mifepristone online. These websites provide abortion pills at your doorstep. Hence, when you buy abortion pills online, you do not even require to go out to get the medication. All the procedure can be performed at home, thereby avoiding traveling.

In case you cannot avoid traveling during the abortion process:

  • Make sure you have adequate pads for the journey. Also, you need to ensure that you can change the pad as and when needed.
  • Since diarrhea is one of the side effects of abortion medication, consult your doctor for its necessary pills. You may also ask for solutions for other side effects.
  • Keep cushions and comfy set of clothes.
  • To keep your body hydrated, keep fluids or energy drinks with you.

Traveling by a public vehicle becomes even more difficult in such cases, it is advised to use your own vehicle for traveling where you can be comfortable and rest. Traveling indeed helps to emotionally heal from a stressful event and hence women tend to travel after the abortion procedure. The only tip to be given here would be the needed precaution while traveling. Do not travel if you’re too weak to move.


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