Abortion is Healthcare and What We Can Do to Ensure It (1)

Abortion is Healthcare and What We Can Do to Ensure It

Pregnancy-related medical assistance accounts for basic healthcare for any woman. Be it pregnancy detection, maternal health, childbirth, and contraception, all of these are important aspects of a reproductive system for a female. The same thought extends to pregnancy termination services, which are essentially abortions. And that is healthcare as well. However, stereotypes about ending a pregnancy may make people think otherwise. Yet, the fact stands out loud with the truth.

So, how to ensure the availability of abortion as healthcare for every woman who needs it? What should we as a common man know and how to keep aside stigma from the simple and need-of-the-hour medical attention that females require? In this post, we will take you through these aspects in detail.

1.  Educate About Abortion Methods

How to end a pregnancy is a thought for many. Basically, you can either choose a non-invasive or invasive way for the same. For instance, if you are pregnant for up to 9 weeks of gestation, and the pregnancy is intrauterine, you can take abortion pills at home and self-administer the medicine. It is an easy process, wherein you need to use Mifeprex 200mg orally with water on day 1.

Then after 24 to 48 hours, you use Misoprostol (Cytolog) 200mcg x 4 pills vaginally or buccally to expel the pregnancy portions from the uterus in a few hours. Or, you can opt for a surgical abortion at a clinic through dilation and evacuation or dilation and curettage, depending on how further along you are into pregnancy.

But for this, you have to be under the observation of your healthcare provider and have to get admitted to the facility. The surgeon will dilate the cervix and provide anesthesia and then begin the process. Equipment is used to collect the pregnancy portions after being scraped from the uterine wall.

2.  Preparation is a Must for Ending a Pregnancy

As we said, abortion is healthcare, and you must prepare for it like any other medical treatment. Thus, firstly check for the length and location of the pregnancy because this will tell you which abortion method you can use. After knowing which pregnancy termination procedure, you will undergo, arrange for supplies such as medications to manage side effects, food and snacks you may eat, large sanitary pads, fresh towels, tissue paper rolls, some beverages and smoothies for hydration, and others.

3.  Know How to Obtain Pregnancy Termination

If you plan to take medicine to end a pregnancy, then you can buy abortion pills online and get the package delivered to your address. You can look up reliable platforms and opt for fast shipping for the products. Usually, the pills arrive in a few days, so do an order on time. And if going to a clinic, fix the appointment and look for someone to take you to the hospital and back home after the treatment.

However, you can avoid the hassle of getting admitted to the hospital if you take abortion pills instead at home, as you can use the medicine by yourself and no need to be under observation of anyone.

Final Words

Do remember that aftercare is important, so you must take sufficient rest, sleep, and eat nutritious food for faster recovery. It is best to avoid vaginal penetration for at least 2 to 3 weeks after an abortion. And not to use tampons or menstrual cups for abortion bleeding. 

Medical abortion or surgical abortion, both are vital and it is upon a person to choose the method they want. But access to these should be open to women. Knowing about the procedures properly helps to undo myths and understand the safety precautions as well.

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