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Is abortion pill really safe for women health?

Is abortion pill safe for women health

Be it a medical method or surgical, women’s health should be of utmost importance in an abortion procedure. There have been fatal cases where women terminated their pregnancies through unsafe measures. Medical abortion is indeed not one of them. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are safe abortion pills approved by medical experts for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. 

What are the side effects of abortion pills? 

The side effects of abortion pills include nausea, excessive bleeding, vomiting, bloated breasts, headache, etc. These side effects typically remain for around a few hours or a couple of days. 

Also, not every woman undergoing the medical abortion procedure has to face the side effects of abortion pills. The after-effects vary in every case. Most women recover from the side effects without taking any medications. In other cases, simple pain-killers and antibiotics help mitigate the impact of abortion pill side effects. Do not take any medications without prior approval of your doctor. 

Does it impact your fertility?

Since the side effects of abortion pills are temporary, they do not have a correlation with your menstruation. Once the procedure is complete, women menstruate within a month or two. Hence, ovulation does take place soon after you undergo the medical termination of pregnancy. 

Does it impact your future pregnancies? 

Taking abortion pills do not have any impact on the quality of eggs. The pregnancy, hence, is typically normal, so is the delivery. If there’s any complication in the pregnancy or delivery of the baby, it is not related to the past medical abortion experience. Since the number of women having successful conception and birth is considerably more, the complications are said to be unassociated with abortion pills or their side effects. 

What are the chances of incomplete pregnancy termination? 

When you administer abortion pills properly and follow every guideline instructed by your healthcare provider, the chances of successful medical abortion are high. In some instances where pregnancy is growth is more than usual, one MTP kit or one dosage of Misoprostol pills may not be enough. 

In such cases, women do not observe the pregnancy termination symptoms such as cramps and bleeding. If it happens with you, speaking to the healthcare provider is the best advice. He/she may ask you to repeat the dosage of Misoprostol or MTP kit after studying the reason for an incomplete abortion procedure. 

If you do not experience the abortion symptoms despite repeating the dose, it’s a rare case. However, it does not cause health complications if you end the pregnancy through the surgical method. 

How can you avoid complications? 

The medical termination of pregnancy is a safe way of ending a first-trimester unwanted pregnancy. However, smoking, drinking, or having sexual intercourse while undergoing the procedure can bring health complications. Following are the few tips for avoiding any such health complication: 

  • Do not smoke or drink while you are on the medication. 
  • Do not have sexual intercourse during or immediately after taking abortion pills. 
  • Do not insert anything in the vagina during the process. 
  • Do not breastfeed your baby for at least a couple of days after you take Misoprostol pills.

Following the instructions above can surely help you avoid health complications. The medical abortion procedure, otherwise, is considered safe for all women. One only has to confirm the eligibility of taking abortion pills. Therefore, please speak to your doctor and get a prescription for abortion pills to make sure that they are safe for you. 

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