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Using Mifepristone Online and Home Administration of Misoprostol Pill

using mifepristone and misoprostolThere might be several ethical and moral arguments regarding abortion, however women now are basing the pregnancy terminations on current life setting even if their personal religious beliefs go against the notion. Pregnancy termination decisions in general are based on practical and personal reasons rather political or ethical/moral arguments.

A study on women ending their pregnancy revealed how women connected their reproductive decisions with other aspects of their lives and how having an abortion will affect their individual identity and preserve their psychological/physical health – which included coping with abandonment of their partner following birth or abortion.

Several recent studies have indicated that women now prefer ending their pregnancies with Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills than going through a surgery.

A Research on Abortion Options

A recently published research studied twelve respondents who were offered different methods of undergoing termination. Out which 70% chose the medical procedure.

The most common reason why women chose to buy abortion pills is because it provided more privacy and autonomy to patients, while other preferred it because it was less invasive and more natural than surgery. Another study stated that among 86 women ending their pregnancy through medication, 48% wanted to avoid surgery and chose Mifepristone with Misoprostol due to its perceived naturalness of the process and added benefits of having the process done in comfortable seclusion. As FDA has approved home administration of Misoprostol, the patient doesn’t have to return to the office or clinic.


The abortion rights mobilization in New York has funded several clinical trials involving Mifepristone  since 1996. At the time when the research was conducted 3,143 women from sixteen sites had took part in the trials.

With some variations, women were given 200 mg of Mifepristone on the first day to the clinic. After one or two days, women took four pills of Misoprostol (800 mcg total) at home where they choose to take it either buccally (in cheek pouches) or vaginally. They were informed to expect stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding as well as given information on different side effects that might occur after taking Misoprostol and how to manage these side effects. They were also guided on how to seek medical aid in case of excessive cramps or bleeding.

Women were interviewed regarding their experience before and after going though the procedure. The questionnaire addressed two open ended question as to ‘what were your concerns while going through the process?’ and ‘what did the procedure mean to you?’

Results of The Study

According to the abortion mobilization research larger number of women stated that having abortion at home was a comfortable experience. For example one woman was prepared for her at-home pregnancy termination by stocking up food, magazines and other things to distract from the pain. This was the opposite of a woman who hadn’t informed anyone and therefore as a reult didn’t have as much as private experience than she had hoped.

Among women who had been informed about the pain, having pregnancy termination at home was more manageable and comfortable at home with intake of one or two pain killers.


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How Do You Get A Safe Abortion And How Much Will It Cost?

How Do You Get A Safe Abortion And How Much Will It CostEvery pregnancy is different, just as every decision that leads to abortion is different. Due to diverse private reasons, many women choose to abort. These reasons may include pregnancies resulting from sexual violence, lack of financial stability, health problems (mental/physical), failed birth control/emergency contraceptives to personal lifestyle choices. Each and every woman in these situations should be able to get a pregnancy termination on demand. That is why, women’s rights groups fight to make access to abortion pills and services easier.

Due to restrictive laws, many women around the world run the risk of getting termination from unguaranteed services that might be detrimental to their health. Due to unavailability of necessary medication, many pro-choice and women’s choice groups set up websites where those bereft of choice can buy abortion pills online. Sometimes these packages are sent through ships or drones, all the while keeping in mind of legal loopholes. The process and cost however becomes an essential topic while discussing pregnancy cancellation options.

The process                                                                                                      

Medical procedure

The medical abortion includes administration of one tablet of mifepristone on day one. This tablet is of 200 mg dosage. There is generally no effect of Mifepristone, other than light bleeding which is why keeping a stack of sanitary pads in store during the process is important. If one decides to buy abortion pills online, they must check the validity of their source and only trust authorized online pharmacies.

After a mandatory wait of 24-72 hours after taking Mifepristone, a secondary drug known as Misoprostol is given. This drug is given in 800 mcg total that includes four tablets of 200 mcg each. You may expect to bleed and cramp as a result of taking misoprostol. Other side effects include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, weakness etc.

Surgical procedure

If the woman has failed to take termination drugs on time, she may have to consider surgical procedure. This process can be done if women have passed the duration of gestation where medically induced termination is possible, that is 10 weeks. Also called as ‘Aspiration abortion or suction procedure’, this procedure is also a safe way of terminating.

During this procedure, the doctor sedates the women’s reproductive area and inserts a tube into her vagina. After that he applies gentle pressure and through suction removes the conception tissues from the body.

How much does it costs?

Several abortive services that offer surgical procedures only offer abortions that are within 24 weeks of pregnancy. As the gestation period increases, it gets more complicated to abort. In the US, it costs up to USD 1,500 for first trimesters and pregnancy cancellation pills can range up to USD 800, although if you buy abortion pills online, they cost way less ranging from USD 200-USD 400. In the UK, you may find pills ranging from £464, consultation fees excluded. With surgical procedure and more gestation period, a general procedure in the UK can be up to £707 and more, also excluding counseling fees.

Many of these abortive services may offer after check up for free.

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