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Abortion pills and future pregnancy: Two unassociated terms

When a woman decides the method of ending an unwanted pregnancy, future pregnancy is one of the concerns. Though surgical and medical abortion, both methods are safe for a woman, medical abortion is said to be safer when it comes to the concerns of future pregnancy. 

This blog explains if there’s any relation between abortion pills and future pregnancy. It primarily tells you the procedure of abortion help you gain a bigger picture of abortion pills and future pregnancy. 

How abortion pills work

The Abortion pills make hormonal changes in the body and end the pregnancy at home. The first medicine, Mifepristone in the drug combination is administered to stop the development of the pregnancy. Along with stopping the pregnancy development, the pill also separates the pregnancy from the womb. 

The misoprostol medicines eject fetal tissues from the body as it brings contractions in the lining of the uterus. Cytolog 200 mcg could also be used as a brand of  Misoprostol pills. 

When removing the pregnancy tissues from the womb, the body goes through two major changes. 

  • Cramps 
  • Bleeding

Both changes determine the efficacy of abortion pills. The two are important symptoms of pregnancy termination procedure, every woman must observe the changes. One should get medical help from a doctor if the symptoms are not observed. 

Do abortion pills cause any side effect relating to fertility?

The abortion pills have side effects such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, migraine, etc are experienced only during the pregnancy termination period.

abortion pills safety for future pregnancy

The medical abortion procedure does not affect future pregnancy as well as your overall health. Since it does not have any negative impact on the fertility of the user, the women can get pregnant soon after the pregnancy termination procedure. 

This is one of the reasons healthcare providers suggest using protection during sexual intercourse after a successful pregnancy termination procedure. If you do not wish to conceive after a home abortion, you must use birth control methods. 

In case you wish to get pregnant after the abortion procedure, the abortion pill does not have any impact on the pregnancy. Even the chances of normal delivery remain the same as there would have otherwise. 

Myth clarify:

Many women do not undergo a medical abortion process because they are being told that it is an unsafe way of ending a pregnancy. However, truth be told, medical termination of pregnancy is a safe procedure if you buy safe abortion pills online and end it as per the instructions were given to you. Though internet technologies have provided information desk for women, still limitations are there for remotely located women. 

Word of caution:

As we all know about medications, every user can’t be comfortable with all medications. Rare complications can be there in some cases but that’s definitely not for general cases. Before undergoing any medication you can consult your health consultant about any other allergic symptoms that you have on-going or any chronic health issues. In any other normal pregnancy situations, the abortion pill is completely safe for home abortion. None of the side effects leads to a negative impact on your reproductive health. 

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