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Online pharmacies for MTP kit

Online pharmacies are always preferred by women instead of local stores. Since they do not have to spend money on traveling or be depended on the uncertainties of local pharma stores, it becomes convenient for them to buy an abortion pill kit online.

The kit contains the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol which approved by the Food and Drug Administration, US. Both the pills contribute to ending an unwanted pregnancy of up to 63 days with home administering and abortion care.

Despite knowing that ending the pregnancy at home with the help of online abortion pills is easier, women often do not know where to look for them. This blog explains where you can find MTP kit on the internet and administer the pills to terminate your unwanted first-trimester pregnancy.

When you are searching for MTP kit on the internet:

Type what you need:

If you are specifically looking for Medical Termination of Pregnancy kit, you can type it in the search engine and you’ll find results with many online pharmacies. The kit is a famous combination of pregnancy termination medication which is used by women from all around the world.

Check the prices:

One of the benefits of purchasing abortion pills online is that you can have a check on the prices at which the products are available on different websites. When you browse 3-4 websites at a time, you can compare them on the basis of the prices and see if it fits your budget.

However, there may be online pharmacies that will offer pregnancy termination medication at lower prices.


Honest customers will leave reviews for others to understand how the website functions or may give feedback on the products and services. This is one of the most important factors which you need to take into account while buying an MTP kit online. The reviews help you understand the website thoroughly.

Customer care team:

When you buy a kit online, it is very natural to have doubts and queries related to the product and service. You can ask the customer care team all the questions you have and you can clear it up through a live chat.

Also, live chat or speaking to the customer care team on phone contributes to building transparency about the website.

Tracking ID:

If the website is genuine and believes in maintaining complete privacy, it will provide you with a

tracking ID where you can see the shipping process and receive the product online.

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How To Deal With Depression Due To Unwanted Pregnancy?

Unwanted Pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy is said to be one of the most reasons for depression cases in the US. Additionally, such kind of depression is often ignored by women and hence it has more chances of leading to devastating situations.

Meditation, pampering yourself, getting involved in reading or art form, engaging yourself in activities etc can be done to come out the depression phase. Here’s some more guidance on how you can tackle the situation.

Consult an expert:

Be it a healthcare expert guiding you on medical abortion or psychologist who can help you with depression, you must speak to experts. You will get the right medical abortion(abortion pills) information and guidance. Also, you’ll be given proper treatment to come out of your depression phase.

Speak to your partner:

An unwanted pregnancy can be from your boyfriend, your husband, or any sexual partner who may not be in a relationship with you. When you acknowledge the fact that you are uneventfully pregnancy, the first thing that you must do is not to get panicked. You must at least try.

Speaking to your partner on the issue can help you find a way out. Share your feeling with your partner. Keeping your feelings to yourself can make you emotionally suffocate and you may not become positive enough to come out of the situation. If not your partner, speak to someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Think of the consequences:

If you continued the pregnancy, it is not going to be as nice as ninepence. You must think of how you are taking this pregnancy forward and shape your life. Are you stable enough to continue the pregnancy? The fetus in your womb will grow and become a life soon.

You must think on your feet and decide if you wish to end the pregnancy or continue it. Whichever decision you make, it must not put you in regret. Your mistakes are not always the reason behind the circumstance you are in. But you can control them if you stop their consequence right before things go out of control.

Find a solution:

If you believe that the termination of pregnancy can help solve your problem, you must take the decision at the earliest. You can buy abortion pills online or from the stores nearby you and administer them to end your pregnancy at home.

If you chose to have a medical abortion, it can give you a benefit of maintaining complete privacy.

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Sexual Intercourse after Medical Abortion

Sexual Intercourse

Medical abortion is a mentally and physically critical phase that a woman goes through when ending an unwanted pregnancy. Returning to your regular activities can take time but not more than a week.

Can you perform sexual intercourse while undergoing medical abortion process?

No! When you consume abortion pills, the Misoprostol abortion pill in the two contains prostaglandin elements in it. These prostaglandin elements create uterine contractions post-consumption. It eventually removes the fetal contents and contributes to ending an unwanted pregnancy.

The vaginal bleeding encountered during this time makes the vagina delicate and vulnerable. Your vagina is exposed to infection and hence requires care and rest. If you insert anything into the vagina, it will affect its health due to infection or other complications.

Hence, when you perform a medical abortion, you cannot have sexual intercourse. Additionally, you cannot a sexual activity which involves vaginal insertion or any other thing.

Where will you find information more for sexual intercourse after medical termination of pregnancy?

A genuine online pharmacy which offers pregnancy termination medication and women healthcare services will have information regarding sexual intercourse after abortion. Such pharmacies often have experts team which answers all such doubts of women who are performing a medical abortion.

When can you have sexual intercourse after medical abortion?

You can start getting into sexual activities 10-15 days after completing the pregnancy termination procedure.

What are the precautions which you should take when having sexual intercourse after medical abortion?

Most women believe that medical abortion stops the work of uterus for some time. That’s utterly untrue! In no way, medical abortion affects your fertility. Medical termination of pregnancy does not affect your fertility and hence it important for a couple to use contraception when having sexual intercourse even though after the abortion procedure.

Additionally, women should take into account that immediate one after other medical abortion procedure can make the body weak and harm their health. Thus, the couple must take pregnancy prevention methods seriously and consider buying Ovral, Ovral G birth control pills even after ending the pregnancy through abortion pills.

If you choose to consume condoms, it will further help you have protected sexual intercourse, giving additional benefit apart from preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Medical abortion is a sensitive issue indeed, however, you must follow the instruction as given by your healthcare provider. Speaking of sexual intercourse after abortion, when you follow the aforementioned guidelines, it helps you to recover from the abortion process quickly. This way, not only can you resume your sexual activities but also other physical tasks that you would have to avoid otherwise.

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