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A Comparison Between pregnancy termination with abortion pills and aspiration procedure


You may choose or be suggested various types of abortion methods as per your condition and the number of weeks you are into. Regardless of your preference, you may be forced to have a certain type of procedure if you are far along in the pregnancy. How far along in pregnancy does one have to be to go through either option? Medicine induced pregnancy termination is only effective if the person in question is within 10 weeks. As abortion becomes more complicated as pregnancy proceeds, termination within eight weeks have the highest success rate of 97%. the You need to buy abortion pills online to start the process.

Aspiration (suction) and surgical abortion are two methods that can be done if you are in the first trimester, i.e. through 12 to 16 weeks. If the pregnancy is further than this time limit, it may be complicated to perform the procedure.

How much time does it take to complete the process?

It generally takes two visits to the clinic with two to three days minimum to end an early pregnancy termination. The process involves –

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Step 1 – You must swallow 200 mg of Mifepristone orally

Step 2 – A day or two later, i.e. after a compulsory gap of 24-48 hours, you will take four tablets Misoprostol 800 mcg [total] buccally (between the cheek and teeth) or vaginally and wait at least 30 minutes for them to dissolve naturally.

• After four to six hours or more you will go through the process where you’ll experience heavy bleeding, stomach cramps, and nausea etc. The procedure can last for one week or more.

• An after a checkup to determine if the procedure was a success.

Aspiration Procedure

An aspiration or surgical procedure takes three to four hours’ primary visit to the clinic. This procedure will include –

• The doctor will use a speculum to view inside the vagina

• Clean the genital area and cervix and apply numbing medicine to the same

• Dilate the cervix and insert a narrow flexible tube into your uterus.

• Apply suction from the other end to remove all the conception area.

Most of the process is preparing your body for the abortion. The suction process itself only takes few minutes.

What are the advantages?

There are many benefits of medical pregnancy termination; most important one being that, most medical abortions are early terminations; therefore, they are one of the safest medical procedures. Secondly, they are easily accessible and many online pharmacies are available providing all the necessary medication in an MTP kit by which anyone can buy MTP kit online. Therefore, you can just buy them from one source. With online delivery, you can conduct it safely in the privacy of your home.

Some of the advantages of choosing surgical option are –

The invasive procedure can be done further along in pregnancy when medical abortion is ineffective. The process is quick and is completed within minutes. There are fewer side effects involved in bleeding and cramping.

What are the disadvantages?

• Medicinal usage while aborting is sometimes unpredictable. It can cause severe bleeding, cramping for several days, as the Misoprostol expels the pregnancy sections from the body.

• A surgical method has to include surgical tools that are inserted in you vaginally, use of anesthesia, and other drugs (which might be uncomfortable for many). There may be complications (although there is less than 1% probability).

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