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Why do women have Abortions??

Why do women have Abortion??

Only a woman can understand what it takes to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. However, to put regulations for termination of pregnancy it is very important to understand why women perform an abortion.

Unwanted pregnancy can be from unprotected sexual intercourse or failure of contraception used, but taking an abortion decision is beyond these two reasons which one needs to understand. The following are some points that may shed light on the reasons for abortion in women.

1.Financial problems:

This is one of the common reasons in a couple why they choose to have pregnancy termination instead of starting a family.

2.Forced sexual intercourse:

If the sexual activity has taken place without the consent of the woman, such pregnancy creates a negative impact on the woman. In such cases, she usually prefers getting rid of the pregnancy.

3.Not being mentally prepared:

Many a time, women feel too young to start a family. It may not have a financial aspect. Handling a baby, growing a kid is not as easy it seems.

4.Pregnancy from the wrong partner:

Your pregnancy could be from your ex-partner, someone who is not your partner or someone you don’t love yet. In such cases, a woman may think of ending the unwanted pregnancy.

5.Lack of understanding of birth control measures:

Women in certain regions, especially in rural areas, women are found unaware of contraception measures. This leads to unwanted pregnancy and so such women try to seek ways of ending the pregnancy.

No woman deliberately gets involved in unprotected sexual intercourse and get pregnant knowingly only to end the pregnancy. Continuing an unwanted pregnancy could be a nightmare that can be mentally devastating for women.

To avoid such depression-like issues, ending unwanted pregnancy can be the solution for them. Women should be taught to have protected sexual intercourse to avoid any kind of unwanted pregnancy.

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