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Health Benefits of Yasmin Pill

Health Benefits of Yasmin pill

Yasmin pill is a contraceptive medicine approved for the prevention of pregnancy. The medication consists of two hormones namely, ethinylestradiol and drospirenone that works in a combination to avert pregnancy through different functions. It is considered potent medicine used over 21 or 28 days. A 21 days’ regimen consists of 21 active medications(pills) which are to be taken daily once in a day at same time. In 28-day course, along with 21 yellow tablets there are additional seven white inert tablets of non-active medication (placebos). Yasmin can be proved to be 98-99% effective at preventing pregnancy if taken as prescribed, without missing a pill.

Mechanism of action:

Yasmin Contraceptive pill is best taken in the evening or at bedtime. It functions by suppressing hormones that promote pregnancy, averting ovulation from occurring, making the uterus unfavorable for sperm’s entrance, and changing the composition of the cervical lining to avoid egg implantation. Other than preventing unplanned pregnancies, the pill also has other health benefits, which include:

1.     Menstrual Period:

As the woman’s body adapts to a monthly 28 regimen of Yasmin tablets, it maintains the same hormonal level each menstrual cycle and eventually, the drug regularizes the menstrual period, making it more predictable. It also lessens menstrual pain and discomfort, reduces the amount of blood loss per cycle, and decreases the duration of the menstrual period.

2.     Reduced incidence of Anemia:

Many women buy yasmin online or at local drug store as it reduces the occurrence of anemia, which can be a consequence of low iron supply in the body. Red blood cells make iron. As Yasmin diminishes total blood during menstruation, levels of iron are maintained and the occurrence of anemia from iron depletion is reduced.

3.     Reduced Incidence of Cancers:

Lasting the use of Yasmin pill decreases the occurrences of cancers of the uterus lining and ovaries. But, similar to other hormone-based contraceptive drugs, it can increase the incidences of cervical and liver cancers. As per the National Institute of Cancer, the result of birth control medicines on breast cancer is vague.

4.     Ovarian Health:

Since Yasmin averts ovulation, the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy (where the egg is implanted outside the uterus) is decreased. Ectopic pregnancy can be lethal to the mother as the implanted egg can rupture and cause internal bleeding. The medication also diminishes the occurrence of cyst formation in the ovaries, promoting common ovarian health.

5.     Breast Health:

Long-term use of Yasmin shields the breasts from noncancerous growths like lumps and cysts. The drug also diminishes the incidence of menstrual-related breast difficulty.

6.     Pelvic Health:

The Yasmin pill can reduce the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which is a serious disease that takes place when an infection spreads from vagina and cervix to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Uncured PID can destroy the reproductive organs and can cause infertility too.


Although Yasmin pill has various beneficial effects, it has certain risk too, including depression, migraines, weight changes, increased incidence of blood clots, gallbladder abnormalities, and swelling of the breasts. These risks must be considered before starting the medication.

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Opting for Pregnancy Test

Opting for Pregnancy TestSuppose you are planning to conceive or if you recently had unprotected intercourse, you possibly have one question on your mind and that is ‘Am I pregnant?’ Plus the quickest way to get a reply to that is taking a pregnancy test at home. However, there might be confusion when and where to take a pregnancy test? How will you know if it will work after taking it?

There are some tips that will help you take a pregnancy test and other related information:

When can you take a pregnancy test?

For the very first time when you take pregnancy test is, when you have missed your monthly menstrual cycle, or else indulge in unprotected sexual activity. If you are planning to have a child, the skipped period may be enough to send you into a tizzy, making you to take that home pregnancy check as early as possible. Whereas, if woman do not wish to have a child but have an active sexual life, she may be worried about getting pregnant, and may feel like testing the pregnancy status.

No matter what but before understanding exactly when to take pregnancy test, it is crucial to know a little more regarding a home pregnancy test kit mechanism.

When pregnancy test can be done based on timing?

It is vital to consider the timing, around which woman should buy pregtest card and try out the pregnancy test kit at home.  If you check too early you might get a negative result, although you’re pregnant. Of major importance here is the ‘timing’ because depending on when you take the test, soon or delayed, your pregnancy test results may not be precise.

If you get an incorrect negative result, it can be an extremely stressful condition. The problem here is that anxiety can further delay your menstrual cycle, which will confuse you and add to your nervousness.

If you take the pregnancy test kit at home very soon, although you are using a test kit that is the most responsive, you may get wrong results. When you make a soon test, the level of the HCG (human chronic gonadotrophic) hormone present in your urine sample will be very low even for the most sensitive test kit detect. In such case, the result will be negative, although you may be pregnant.

When you test closer to the time that your monthly cycle usually occurs or if already have missed your menstrual cycle for a week or two, the chances of getting accurate reading is higher. It will have a higher chance of getting a more appropriate reading. It will also be about 2 weeks after you have ovulated, thus chances of the test with appropriate results will be greater.

Two main types of pregnancy tests that is accessible:

Once woman get an idea of how soon can she take a pregnancy test to check for outcomes, she should also know about the types of tests that are accessible. There are most common types of pregnancy tests such as the blood sample and the urine method that you can go for:

  • A Urine Test:

Women can order pregtest card online to have a urine test that can be performed in the comfort of your home, workplace, or even at clinic.

  • A Blood test:

A Blood test also helps you check whether you are pregnant or not but is carried out at doctor’s clinic or at nearest medical health center.

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Five Myths About The Plan B Morning- After Pill

Five Myths about the Plan B Morning- After Pill

Every person slips up in life, however what if that slip-up happens while having intercourse?

Failure of birth control method may leave someone pondering, what should be done. The morning- after pill is normally the first option that comes to mind, except this there are some common myths regarding the pill that needs to be addressed.

1)    Myth- You can use morning-after pill as your birth control.

Reality- The morning-after pill is not nearly as effective as contraceptive tablets. The probability of preventing a pregnancy with emergency contraceptive is much less, if taken as regular birth control.

According to an emergency contraception researcher, there are no safety concerns with using it every week; but it’s not as efficient as any ongoing process contraception.

The morning-after pill is still very effectual. However if someone is looking for a reliable contraception, they must consult to their OBGYN regarding getting on a long-term plan.

2)    Myth- If you take morning-after pill you will not get pregnant.

Reality- As per Plan B morning after pill, it prevents about seven out of eight pregnancies that would have happened. Although it is reliable preventative in an emergency, the only way to make sure that a person does not get pregnant is abstinence.

3)    Myth- Plan B is not for you because you are against abortion.

Reality- Plan B pill is not an abortion pill. It contains synthetic levonorgestrel and progestin. These are the similar ingredients found in range of brands of birth control tablets. The pill works in a same way as the birth control pill to help prevent pregnancy.

4)    Myth- The unprotected intercourse took place a couple of hours ago; hence you can’t take it at this moment.

Reality- Morning –after pills need not to be taken right away after intercourse, but can be taken within 72 hours following an unprotected intercourse. According to a U.S. health reproductive service, later than 72 hours, the efficacy of the pill goes down to 89%. As a result, by day four, the efficiency drops even lower. It is always best to have the Plan B as early as possible since the failed birth control method.

5)    Myth- You took the morning-after pill today, thus you can have unprotected intercourse again later.

Reality- You can buy Plan B online or at local pharmacy, but it only works to its full potential with one failed contraception or unguarded intercourse. If a woman takes the Plan B and then chooses to have an unguarded intercourse, they may end up getting pregnant. Thus, if a woman has already taken morning-after pill, her regular birth control form must be continued.

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