Opting for Pregnancy Test

Opting for Pregnancy TestSuppose you are planning to conceive or if you recently had unprotected intercourse, you possibly have one question on your mind and that is ‘Am I pregnant?’ Plus the quickest way to get a reply to that is taking a pregnancy test at home. However, there might be confusion when and where to take a pregnancy test? How will you know if it will work after taking it?

There are some tips that will help you take a pregnancy test and other related information:

When can you take a pregnancy test?

For the very first time when you take pregnancy test is, when you have missed your monthly menstrual cycle, or else indulge in unprotected sexual activity. If you are planning to have a child, the skipped period may be enough to send you into a tizzy, making you to take that home pregnancy check as early as possible. Whereas, if woman do not wish to have a child but have an active sexual life, she may be worried about getting pregnant, and may feel like testing the pregnancy status.

No matter what but before understanding exactly when to take pregnancy test, it is crucial to know a little more regarding a home pregnancy test kit mechanism.

When pregnancy test can be done based on timing?

It is vital to consider the timing, around which woman should buy pregtest card and try out the pregnancy test kit at home.  If you check too early you might get a negative result, although you’re pregnant. Of major importance here is the ‘timing’ because depending on when you take the test, soon or delayed, your pregnancy test results may not be precise.

If you get an incorrect negative result, it can be an extremely stressful condition. The problem here is that anxiety can further delay your menstrual cycle, which will confuse you and add to your nervousness.

If you take the pregnancy test kit at home very soon, although you are using a test kit that is the most responsive, you may get wrong results. When you make a soon test, the level of the HCG (human chronic gonadotrophic) hormone present in your urine sample will be very low even for the most sensitive test kit detect. In such case, the result will be negative, although you may be pregnant.

When you test closer to the time that your monthly cycle usually occurs or if already have missed your menstrual cycle for a week or two, the chances of getting accurate reading is higher. It will have a higher chance of getting a more appropriate reading. It will also be about 2 weeks after you have ovulated, thus chances of the test with appropriate results will be greater.

Two main types of pregnancy tests that is accessible:

Once woman get an idea of how soon can she take a pregnancy test to check for outcomes, she should also know about the types of tests that are accessible. There are most common types of pregnancy tests such as the blood sample and the urine method that you can go for:

  • A Urine Test:

Women can order pregtest card online to have a urine test that can be performed in the comfort of your home, workplace, or even at clinic.

  • A Blood test:

A Blood test also helps you check whether you are pregnant or not but is carried out at doctor’s clinic or at nearest medical health center.

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