Five Myths About The Plan B Morning- After Pill

Five Myths about the Plan B Morning- After Pill

Every person slips up in life, however what if that slip-up happens while having intercourse?

Failure of birth control method may leave someone pondering, what should be done. The morning- after pill is normally the first option that comes to mind, except this there are some common myths regarding the pill that needs to be addressed.

1)    Myth- You can use morning-after pill as your birth control.

Reality- The morning-after pill is not nearly as effective as contraceptive tablets. The probability of preventing a pregnancy with emergency contraceptive is much less, if taken as regular birth control.

According to an emergency contraception researcher, there are no safety concerns with using it every week; but it’s not as efficient as any ongoing process contraception.

The morning-after pill is still very effectual. However if someone is looking for a reliable contraception, they must consult to their OBGYN regarding getting on a long-term plan.

2)    Myth- If you take morning-after pill you will not get pregnant.

Reality- As per Plan B morning after pill, it prevents about seven out of eight pregnancies that would have happened. Although it is reliable preventative in an emergency, the only way to make sure that a person does not get pregnant is abstinence.

3)    Myth- Plan B is not for you because you are against abortion.

Reality- Plan B pill is not an abortion pill. It contains synthetic levonorgestrel and progestin. These are the similar ingredients found in range of brands of birth control tablets. The pill works in a same way as the birth control pill to help prevent pregnancy.

4)    Myth- The unprotected intercourse took place a couple of hours ago; hence you can’t take it at this moment.

Reality- Morning –after pills need not to be taken right away after intercourse, but can be taken within 72 hours following an unprotected intercourse. According to a U.S. health reproductive service, later than 72 hours, the efficacy of the pill goes down to 89%. As a result, by day four, the efficiency drops even lower. It is always best to have the Plan B as early as possible since the failed birth control method.

5)    Myth- You took the morning-after pill today, thus you can have unprotected intercourse again later.

Reality- You can buy Plan B online or at local pharmacy, but it only works to its full potential with one failed contraception or unguarded intercourse. If a woman takes the Plan B and then chooses to have an unguarded intercourse, they may end up getting pregnant. Thus, if a woman has already taken morning-after pill, her regular birth control form must be continued.

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