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Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol And Smoke During Medical Abortion Regimen?

Medical Abortion

The medical abortion regimen requires two medications for the procedure to be completed safely. These drugs include one Mifepristone pill and four Misoprostol tablets. In regards to alcohol and smoking cigarettes during pregnancy termination, it is generally advised against.

This is due to Mifepristone pill interacting with both the above-mentioned agents negatively which can be hazardous to the body. The nicotine found in cigarettes, along with ingredients found in liquor can have a huge negative impact on the central nervous system. It causes gastric abortion pill troubles, dizziness, disorientation, damages the liver and causes drowsiness etc. All of this effects are unsafe for the women, whether she wants to keep the pregnancy or even if she wants to take the abortion tablets.

Why smoking and drinking alcohol is dangerous during the abortion pill procedure?

An individual need to be fully conscious while going through a pregnancy termination. However, while on a heavy/ moderate dose of alcohol there are risks to sleepiness, unsteadiness, mood swings etc. which can result in accidents for that individual- which can possibly cause severe injuries requiring surgical attention.

Therefore, if you buy MTP KIT [ abortion pills], make sure to abstain from drinking and smoking for at least you have fully recovered from complete pregnancy termination procedure. As these agents also interfere with the hormonal changes taking place in the body during the abortion procedure.

Additionally, alcohol intake also thins the blood, therefore this is another reason to avoid alcohol as it may be dangerous [ since you bleed so much after taking abortive medication].

How to fight cravings for cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy termination?

While most are able to abstain from both, there are others who may be habituated to both smoking and drinking. In such cases, they would have to do away with both cravings while going through an abortion. If they have already decided to abort medically then it best to avoid both cigarettes and alcohol even before you buy abortion pills online.

You can get over your cravings with drinking plenty of water and eating the right foods. You can suck on a lemon candy which will help you reduce craving for a smoke. Other than that you can also engage in other activities like drinking healthy [ vegetables or fruit juices – except grapefruit since it can increase the risk of side effects] and occupy your mind with something [ distraction].

How soon is it safe to resume drinking and smoking after the procedure?

Be certain that you do not engage in either activity until recovery, i.e. for at least 4-8 weeks after pregnancy termination. Even if the medications are flushed immediately out of the system, it is recommended that you must wait for at least for few weeks, or until a doctor gives you the permission to resume your habits once again. However, if you require having an abortion pill procedure once again, you will have to follow the above instructions once again, since the same precautions will be needed once more.

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