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Tips to Reduce Tummy fats after Abortion

If you had an abortion, no matter how can you did it – by the surgery or by the abortion pills but most of the women face the common weight gain problem, especially with the tummy fat. Tummy fats after abortion are one of the most common complaints of females. Losing fats means decreasing fat from your body as a whole which as well consists of the belly fat obtained after pregnancy termination. Some methods can be used to reduce the abdomen flab effectively once the abortion is done. Although this procedure will be time-consuming, it is safe and effectual.  

Low carbohydrates: 

If you wish to lessen the fats in your belly after abortion, then you will have to reduce taking carbs in your meal. Carbohydrates help to build your body and when you take high carbohydrates diet, you will only gain more fats. 

Belly wrapping: 

The most ancient way to tone your abs or abdominal muscles is belly wrapping. It as well helps in toning the belly with the compression of the maternity belts. It too helps in tucking in the uterus and retrieving its old size. Additionally, you could as well try to cotton cloth to get that belly fat in real size.  


It helps in contraction in the womb and as well helps in achieving the usual size by shrinking it. It might be odd; however, it’s true that you burn the calorie even when you are not doing anything.  It is because of our muscles likely to work everything every time, this results in burning some calorie.  

Green tea: 

It is another option to decrease the extra abdominal fats and boost the metabolism. It consists of certain antioxidant that makes easy to lose weight putting immense efforts to reduce flab.   

Avoid empty calories: 

Avoid empty calories such as candies, cookies, chips, soda, and chocolates. One must take care that no carbohydrates ingested as convert into the sugar and settle in fat friendly areas. Add healthy food items in your diets such as whole grains and low-fat dairy products.  

Warm water:  

In the morning have a warm glass of water that can help you to flush out toxins; doing so increases your body temperatures which thus grow the metabolic rate that results into the burning off more calories. Try drinking warm water whenever you are thirsty, you can as well add lemon into it, drinking a glass of water, and a lemon will help in the breakdown of adipose tissue.  

Spice things up: 

Spice not only makes your taste better however also can work wonders in decreasing your belly weight, an addition of spices such as long pepper, cinnamon, pepper, turmeric assists in enhancing digestion and averting growth of fat inside our body.  

Avoid stress: 

When you take the stress, your body produces stress hormones into your bloodstream. These stress hormones; also known as cortisol, result in irritability, tiredness and gained weight or preservation. High levels of cortisol can as well increase your craving for sweet and fatty food. You need to take extra sleep, especially, when the child is having extra sleep, this helps to remove the produced stress hormones and which ultimately helps you to get rid of anxiety.  

Include cabbage in your diet: 

Including leafy and green vegetables like cabbage in your diet can assist you in reducing your post-pregnancy belly fats in several methods. It is the best source of dietary fiber that enhances nutrient absorption and at the same time preserves the healthy bowel movements. In addition, it comes under the low-calorie vegetables which are rich in many necessary vitamins like pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and thiamin. 

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