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7 Health Benefits of Sexual Intercourse


benefits of sexual intercourse

Having a healthy sexual life is emotionally and physically beneficial for both the partners. Sexual intercourse not only helps in creating a connection with your partner but gives you other advantages such as having a healthy living. Besides, it does not bound to have a partner to get benefited from the sexual pleasure. Your body gets a natural high when having an orgasm. This eventually helps to block pain as it releases endorphins hormones during the sexual activity.

Better Immune System

People who indulge in intercourse are more likely to defend their body from viruses, germs or other intruders. Studies have shown that people who have intercourse at least once in a week had higher levels of immune system compared to the ones who had had intercourse less often.

Women’s Bladder Control

Your sexual relationship can help you control your bladder since it’s similar to a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. Your orgasms cause a contraction of the muscles nearby reproductive organ which helps to make them stronger eventually improving bladder control.

Balanced Blood Pressure

Medical research suggests sexual intercourse lowers the blood pressure especially the systolic blood pressure.

A form of Exercise

Though intercourse is not as great as gymming and other physical exertion, it’s surely an exercise that can contribute to keeping your body fit. When you involve into the love-making, you burn around five calories per minute. Since it uses various muscles during the whole process, it bumps your heart-rate as well.

Reduces Heart Attack Risk

A good sexual relationship is important for the well-being of your heart. Intercourse helps to balance the levels of estrogen and testosterone. Imbalance in either of them can create health issues such as osteoporosis or heart disease.

Fighting with Prostate Cancer

When men ejaculate at the climax of an intercourse (21 times in a month), it indirectly reduces the chances of getting affected by prostate cancer. Men don’t even need to have a partner to get benefitted this way since sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission and masturbation all contribute to the same outcome.

Improves Sleep

People quickly fall asleep after good love-making experience. This is because of the prolactin hormone that controls the feelings of relaxation. The hormone is released after orgasm leading the couple to sleepiness after intercourse.

How can I have a healthy sex life?

For a healthy sexual living, one need not take many efforts. Consider following things in mind

Take care of your body, yourself regardless of having a partner. This also means performing safe intercourse and getting an STD check-up regularly.

Prevent unintended pregnancy. Buy Ovral G or similar birth control methods if you wish to avoid pregnancy. Feel good about your body, make sure you’re comfortable with your partner while performing sexual intercourse.

When you say a healthy sexual life, it refers to be confident while performing intercourse and being comfortable enough to communicate with your partner what you sexually like and dislike. This way, a happy sexual life assuredly contributes to a happy and healthy life.

Have A Healthy Sexual Life…!! Healthy Sexual Life


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