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Not Every Grandparent Gets Affected Due To Abortion


Very few are aware about the emotional blow upon grandparents of cancelling pregnancy. Some of them may readily or happily accept the decision, whereas for some it might be very painful. Medical pregnancy termination is one such method that can assist the couple to hide the fact of being pregnant; this will reduce the pain of their parents. There are number of internet pharmacies, where women can buy abortion pills online in discreet packages to terminate pregnancies at home itself in private.


The emotions of the grandparents are expressed in numerous ways:

  • Sometimes the parents pressurize, while sometimes they encourage their children to abort.
  • Parents may express grief or may take it as if nothing has happened, when unaware that their child was pregnant but ended it.
  • Majority of parents today allow their children to make their own decision regarding abortion.
  • Some parents feel helpless when they try hard to stop the abortion but couldn’t do it as they have no legal stand.
  • Some parents who encourage their children to go for pregnancy termination due various issues like poor financial condition, health problems, career, divorce cases, single mother, etc.
  • Sometimes parents confront with anger regarding pregnancy ending decision since their son/daughter can overrule their own choice or they might be helpless.

Supportive Parents:

Parents who are liberal support their daughters in abortion decision. There are also some parents who do not have particular grief if their child does abortion, because they had never discovered their grandchild. Such parents are even seen helping their children in the process of pregnancy termination; particularly grandmother’s as they might be the experienced ones. They might suggest their daughters to order abortion pill online from online medical stores to cease their pregnancies at home itself.

Some parents do not actively participate in the decision making as they feel that their children are independent and capable enough to choose right options. If a daughter wants to end her first trimester pregnancy, she can end it through Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills.


In current years, there are many reasons why average parents avoid having more than one child, increasing inflation is one of its main reason. Grandparents accepting this fact are now seen happy and content with single grandchild. They usually don’t force their children for one more grandchild. The main other reasons that couples terminate their pregnancy is due to financial problems, like if they already have one child and do not wish to have one more. Such parents are fully content with single child. When they know they do not want to give birth to another child; they either use preventive measures like birth control when doing intercourse or terminate a pregnancy, for this they can buy Mifepristone online and/or other abortion tablets such as Cytolog, Mifeprex, Misoprostol, Generic RU486, etc.

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