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Reasons Your Period Is Late When You’re Definitely Not Pregnant

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Delay in the menstrual cycle is a common lifestyles hazard of the current generation. Women often mistake it for pregnancy symptoms. Of course, when you are in an unwanted pregnancy situation, you can buy abortion pill online or from the local stores.

However, contrary to the most common issue of pregnancy, skipping of a period can happen due to a number of varied reasons.

Consequently, many underlying factors affect the onset of a menstrual cycle. Listed below are some major issues set in the context of the skipping of a regular cycle.


The Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disorder is one of the common reason for a change in the period’s cycle. The major hormone acting on the body is androgen in this condition. Additionally, there is a cyst formation around the ovaries which further disrupts the production of estrogen, termed as the female hormone. Insulin resistance can also occur among individuals who experience PCOD/PCOS which can alter the menstrual cycle. One can consider buying Ovral G online to regularize the menstrual cycle.


When a woman in an unhealthy lifestyle begins to experience a shift in the menstrual cycle dates, weight gain has to take the major blame. An obese woman faces an unusual shift in the period cycle due to several changes in hormones. The major part of a menstrual cycle begins with progesterone and estrogen acting simultaneously on the bodily mechanisms. Consequently, with a change in the Basal Metabolic Rate, the body may not be able to produce a sufficient amount of these hormones.

Low Body Weight:

Eating disorders often tend to influence women in having a low BMI than usual. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia are two such cases of disorders which results in the low body weight count among individuals. Furthermore, a low body weight hampers several of the body’s natural processes which results in a change of monthly cycle.


Stress is a major factor that can alter several processes and neurotransmitters in the nervous system. Consequently, the hypothalamus and adrenal gland secrete a number of major hormones that make the body respond to sympathetic and parasympathetic processes. Stress, on the other hand, can manipulate these hormones resulting in sudden weight gain or loss among women. This makes the menstruation process affected with ovaries producing less than required estrogen.

Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills have estrogen and progestin in abundance to control the fetus from getting fertilized. Women who intend to start a course of Birth control pill, have to wait for at least six months before their menstrual cycle begins to happen on a normal scale. Additionally, injected and implanted methods of contraception are equally condemned and have effects on the regular cycle.

At times even reasons beyond these, the menstrual cycle is largely affected within individuals. Therefore, if the cycle gaps occur more frequently and pregnancy tests are negative, it is advisable to consult a doctor and seek medical administration. Furthermore, several online pharmacy sites provide adequate Birth control pills for safe medical abortion. This greatly reduces the chances of any future menstrual complications surrounding women health.

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Which consumption of abortion pill is the safest ? Buccally or vaginally ?

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There are many women in the world who are not aware of the different methods of consuming Misoprostol. Generally, when you buy abortion pill online, you can ask the online pharmacy medical expert team regarding the administration of Misoprostol pills. Most pharmacies provide detailed information, the mode of conduct and guidelines. There are a few websites which allow you to buy mifepristone and misoprostol online in UK, US, Europe and many other parts of the world. While the consumption of Mifepristone is oral and simple, the other pill offers you two methods of consumption. (1) Vaginally (2) Orally.

To understand which method suits best for your pregnancy termination process, we’ll understand both the methods of administering Misoprostol.

When should you take Misoprostol in the medical abortion process?

You must have the intake of Misoprostol 24 hours after taking the first pill, Mifepristone. Physicians usually advise 200 mcg Misoprostol along with 200 mg Mifepristone.

How should you take Misoprostol Buccally?

In this method, you must keep the four pills of Misoprostol in your cheek pouches. You can keep two pills on each side. Do not gulp down the pills for at least half an hour. The remainders can be swallowed after 30 minutes.

This method is indeed effective in the process of medical abortion, however, one must make sure that the pills do not fall down in case the user vomits while the pill is in the mouth. This case is likely to occur since the woman experience natural nauseous feeling continued in the medical pregnancy termination phase too. Hence, she is advised to be careful while consuming the pills in the buccal area.

How should you take Misoprostol Vaginally?

This is a widely used method of Misoprostol administration. The method involves insertion of Misoprostol pills into the vagina. The user must carefully insert the tablets into the vagina one by one. She can stand on feet, squat or sit down to insert the pills. You once you insert them, push them inside with your finger.

It must remain there for at least 30 minutes. To avoid any kind of false method of administration the user must urinate before taking the pills. If the pills happen to fall down while consuming them vaginally, reinsert the pills.

Which method of Misoprostol is safer?

Both the methods of administering Misoprostol are equally effective and contribute to terminating an unwanted pregnancy successfully. However, the latter method is more effective than the other method since it easily dissolves in the body and makes hormonal changes to cause uterine contractions leading to the passing of pregnancy tissues. Additionally, there isn’t any question of falling the pills from the vagina since the user vomiting during the procedure does affect the vaginal area.

Does the amount of Misoprostol change with the change in the method?

No, it does not. Whichever method you select, take 200 mcg Misoprostol in the drug combination.


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Dealing with pregnancy during PCOS

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To deal with pregnancy during a Polycystic Ovarian Disorder makes the situation worse from a woman’s point of view. With hormonal changes already taking a toll, it is difficult to manage stress when a sudden unplanned pregnancy occurs.

Apparently, PCOS is a severe condition which alters hormonal production in a female. Conceiving in such a condition is not advisable and proper precaution is needed. If you are expecting pregnancy during PCOD, it is advisable to consult a doctor before jumping to conclusions. When you buy abortion pills online or from a local stores and end the pregnancy, it helps a lot in dealing with the situation.

Since the body is already experiencing problems with PCOD/PCOS, even taking abortion pills need assistance from a health professional. Your physician may suggest you to order Mifeprex and Misoprostol as the drug combination is considered to be safe during such situations. However, consulting a physician is necessary during such a situation.

The body reacts by shooting uneven amount of hormones from the ovaries. Usually, conceiving during pregnancy is a difficult task and posses a threat to the unborn if abortion is not in the plan.

Complexities surrounding pregnancy occurs when one suffers from PCOD/PCOS. Some major complications are listed below

Type 2 Diabetes:

A condition where the body doesn’t have the ability to react to insulin secretion. A chain reaction occurs which causes blood sugar level rise beyond the normal level. PCOD women are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes when they are conceiving. Consequently, it results in affecting the baby, with chances being more obese and cardiac issues right from birth.


Most common problem faced by women who conceive during PCOD/PCOS is a condition called Preeclampsia. A high rise in blood pressure, followed by fatigue are initial symptoms. Pitting edema is a later condition which is categorized by severe swelling of hands and feet. Ordinarily, women who conceive and give birth to babies in such a condition, have risks of developing miscarriage and passing of unhealthy genes to the newborn. An already obese child, with an unhealthy growth of limbs and arms, are the outcomes.

Sleep Apnea:

A disorder where breathing continuously stops and starts is induced in females who have been diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS and are expecting. A reduced intake of oxygen during night creates usual sleep pattern affecting the overall circadian rhythm throughout the day. Fatigue followed by daytime sleepiness is often experienced in this disorder.


If you are expecting pregnancy during PCOD/PCOS, some processes can help in making the situation tolerable.

Introducing Medication:

Certain medications such as Clomid, Serophene along with an injectable gonadotropin creates situations where the ovary is pushed to conceive follicular developments. The medication makes the developing follicle to grow and mature in within one cycle, while in general cases it takes up to three consecutive cycles.

Ovarian Drilling:

Laparoscopic procedures are induced often if PCOD/PCOS is at a later stage. This involves puncturing the ovary with small and unnoticeable needles for carrying electric current. Subsequently, the hormonal adaptation of testosterone reduces causing more and more estrogen production. Conversely, this process can develop scar tissues in between Fallopian tubes and ovary.

Diet Planning and exercise:

This is a natural process which would induce a well-balanced diet with physical exercises. As a result, the body changes and regulates hormones in an adequate manner, which reduces complications if one is expecting. Losing weight also helps in the ovulation cycle and lower androgen levels which can help in conceiving.


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Resuming work during an abortion?

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Women tend to go through a lot of things during abortion is done. The process itself involves several hormonal and mental changes. While one can opt to buy abortion pills online to end an early pregnancy, women are also concerned about work during medical abortion process.

Moreover, women who are working have to face adversity in the corporate sector. Work constraints, along with major psychological pressure produces a lot of traumas during the abortion phase. Accordingly, it is required to follow certain schedules as for when one should resume work during an abortion.

Until the work involves traveling, it doesn’t put enough stress on your abdomen. Consequently, the ovaries which have been faced with a lot of stress doesn’t have to undergo any additional shocks. Therefore, choose activities in the job field that demands less physical mobilization. An increase in movement, a specifically lower part would result in worsening the condition after effects of pregnancy have been terminated.

Use cushions and extra padding wherever possible. Ask for a comfortable seat or even someplace where you can lie down while working. Moreover, keeping the back portion straight as much as possible would help in withstanding any internal pain that may be a result of the abortion process.

Avoid standing for long hours. Nevertheless, certain job profile involves meetings that have to be discussed solely by standing in a particular place, especially that of team leaders. Taking a day off or rather a week from work would avoid the occurrence of such situations. Ovaries feel a lot of pressure due to hours of standing constantly, which can lead to severe complications during an abortion phase.

Consider working from home as the sole option before advancing office vicinity. Choosing a work culture that offers work from home helps in situations where the body is incapable of handling physical stress. Nevertheless, abortion is one such situation where women account for severe physical trauma after the procedure is undertaken. Therefore, if provided an option, it is better to work from home without choosing to travel or get into any physical discomfort

Additionally, there are several things one needs to put forward before joining work during an abortion. It is recommended that you should have planned beforehand to make a schedule to make your health a priority during an abortion. Diet should be monitored accordingly, so as the fluid intake. Below are some measures women should imply if they are considering to work during an abortion

  • Have lightly fried foods and carry clean water for drinking.
  • Avoid sexual activities for a month.
  • If having the discomfort of using abortion pills for mentioned time, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Keep vaginal area clean and dry as much as possible.
  • If you are experiencing bleeding, always carry pads that are clean and hygiene.
  • Avoid making conversations that are tiresome and triggers anger.
  • Opt for a place in the office where there are adequate hygiene and less littering.

During the abortion, It is not advisable to work or take any physical as well as mental stress. Conversely, certain work cultures do not provide an adequate environment for a woman who has recently undergone an abortion. Therefore, it is advised to resume work only after 3 weeks of abortion, to have the least consequences that may arise due to the process. Several sites offer safe pregnancy termination pills that have the slightest side effects.


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