Dealing with pregnancy during PCOS

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To deal with pregnancy during a Polycystic Ovarian Disorder makes the situation worse from a woman’s point of view. With hormonal changes already taking a toll, it is difficult to manage stress when a sudden unplanned pregnancy occurs.

Apparently, PCOS is a severe condition which alters hormonal production in a female. Conceiving in such a condition is not advisable and proper precaution is needed. If you are expecting pregnancy during PCOD, it is advisable to consult a doctor before jumping to conclusions. When you buy abortion pills online or from a local stores and end the pregnancy, it helps a lot in dealing with the situation.

Since the body is already experiencing problems with PCOD/PCOS, even taking abortion pills need assistance from a health professional. Your physician may suggest you to order Mifeprex and Misoprostol as the drug combination is considered to be safe during such situations. However, consulting a physician is necessary during such a situation.

The body reacts by shooting uneven amount of hormones from the ovaries. Usually, conceiving during pregnancy is a difficult task and posses a threat to the unborn if abortion is not in the plan.

Complexities surrounding pregnancy occurs when one suffers from PCOD/PCOS. Some major complications are listed below

Type 2 Diabetes:

A condition where the body doesn’t have the ability to react to insulin secretion. A chain reaction occurs which causes blood sugar level rise beyond the normal level. PCOD women are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes when they are conceiving. Consequently, it results in affecting the baby, with chances being more obese and cardiac issues right from birth.


Most common problem faced by women who conceive during PCOD/PCOS is a condition called Preeclampsia. A high rise in blood pressure, followed by fatigue are initial symptoms. Pitting edema is a later condition which is categorized by severe swelling of hands and feet. Ordinarily, women who conceive and give birth to babies in such a condition, have risks of developing miscarriage and passing of unhealthy genes to the newborn. An already obese child, with an unhealthy growth of limbs and arms, are the outcomes.

Sleep Apnea:

A disorder where breathing continuously stops and starts is induced in females who have been diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS and are expecting. A reduced intake of oxygen during night creates usual sleep pattern affecting the overall circadian rhythm throughout the day. Fatigue followed by daytime sleepiness is often experienced in this disorder.


If you are expecting pregnancy during PCOD/PCOS, some processes can help in making the situation tolerable.

Introducing Medication:

Certain medications such as Clomid, Serophene along with an injectable gonadotropin creates situations where the ovary is pushed to conceive follicular developments. The medication makes the developing follicle to grow and mature in within one cycle, while in general cases it takes up to three consecutive cycles.

Ovarian Drilling:

Laparoscopic procedures are induced often if PCOD/PCOS is at a later stage. This involves puncturing the ovary with small and unnoticeable needles for carrying electric current. Subsequently, the hormonal adaptation of testosterone reduces causing more and more estrogen production. Conversely, this process can develop scar tissues in between Fallopian tubes and ovary.

Diet Planning and exercise:

This is a natural process which would induce a well-balanced diet with physical exercises. As a result, the body changes and regulates hormones in an adequate manner, which reduces complications if one is expecting. Losing weight also helps in the ovulation cycle and lower androgen levels which can help in conceiving.


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