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Why will cervical cancer change your life-women should know

The uterine cervix, which is the lowest area of the uterine lining, is an important part of the woman’s reproductive system. It connects the vagina with the womb. Any cancerous condition is alarming for a woman. Having said that, very few women are aware of cervical cancer conditions. It happens when the cervical cells begin developing on other organs of the body in an unusual way. 

The invasive cancer cells have a deeper negative impact on the cervix tissues, which eventually spreads to the other organs of the body. In most cases, this cancer is seen getting affected by other organs such as the vagina, lungs, rectum, liver, and bladder. 

Nevertheless, the growth of cervical cancer is slow, and hence, its precancerous stages allow the victim to take preventive measures, early detection, and get it treated. The US has observed that the early and accurate detection of cervical cancer has made it possible to achieve a decline in the victim’s number. 

Cervical cancer is most likely to be diagnosed between 20 to 40 years. However, there are also cases wherein women in the early 50s have become the victim of this disease. 

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