Postpartum hair loss: Tips to recover

Giving birth to a child is the most beautiful feeling for any woman who wants to become a mother. All your attention goes to your baby after you become pregnant. During all this, women forget to look at themselves. However, taking care of your body is equally important for any mother.

Pregnancy or an abortion does change a woman’s body even after the birth or not and the postpartum changes are the signs of those internal harmonal changes.

During pregnancy or post-abortion the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. It directly or indirectly affects your healthy hair. Most women experience their hair becoming dry and dull during and after pregnancy. This is a common case if you have not taken proper nutrition during pregnancy. The shedding during pregnancy may not be a daily issue, that being said, it eventually grows as you get into late-term pregnancy.

Does postpartum hair-loss make you bald?

  • No. Postpartum hair loss does not make you bald. It is, in fact, a temporary change that makes your hair thin or increases your hair loss. However, it does not make your thick hair go super thin, making you look almost bald.
  • One more thing, you losing your hair after childbirth is a partially controllable thing. If you know what to eat and what to avoid when it comes to taking care of hair-health, you are less likely to suffer.
  • Stress is one factor that does hurt the growth of hair. If you take stress about losing your hair after pregnancy, you’re doing worse than right. Patiently dealing with hair loss problems is essential. If needed, you can even consult your healthcare provider for the same. 

Remedies for postpartum hair loss

At times, hair falls in big clumps when you brush you’re it. Most women see a big hair fall when they are bathing. This can be embarrassing for any woman encountering postpartum hair loss. Here’s what you can do to have nice hair growth even after you give birth to your baby. 

Try a new haircut:

Seeing the negative change in your hair can seem painful. When you keep the same hairstyle, you may notice the difference easily. In such a case, get a haircut that will keep the front hairline fine and hide your hair loss. When the stylist layer your hair properly, it falls well on the front, giving fullness to your hair. Meanwhile, you can work on growing your hair back with other solutions. 

Keep your hair moist: 

Hair products only work on a specific hair type. You can consult a healthcare expert to know your hair type and find a suitable hair product for the same. When you use the right product, it can volumize your hair while also giving an adequate amount of moisture. 

Changing the partition:

When you change your partition hair, the hair loss will stop widening the partition that makes you look getting bald. 

Giving texture to hair:

Smooth and straight hair typically give a thin-hair look. Instead, it is recommended not to straighten your hair. Instead, let your natural curls or wavy hair shine in your postpartum time. Avoid playing with your hair with rollers or other hair instruments. 

Using all these are fine, but how are you going to treat your hair and get hair growth again? 

The following are the hair treatments that you should try

Skip the styling: 

As said earlier, too many experiments on hair during the postpartum period can make your hair vulnerable. Using dryers or ironing your hair repetitively damages your hair. Even when you brush your hair, be a little gentle. 

Eat Well:

Most women forget the most important part of healthy hair. A good diet! So, include ample fruits, veggies, and foods with proteins in your diet. With this, you are feeding your hair with the needed nutrients.

The following are some foods that you can try for healthy hair growth. 

  • Dark leafy veggies 
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Carrots 
  • Eggs
  • Fish


How can we forget vitamins when we are talking about the health of hair! Though you’ll have a varied diet, vitamins are a must add that you shouldn’t skip. It balances your diet, eventually helping stronger hair. If you had prenatal vitamin intake, it is suggested that you continue the same even after the birth.

The bottom line:

Though it’s postpartum or post-abortion hair fall, one thing will remain the same, it happens due to internal hormonal changes occurs during both process and those hormonal balance will back to normal as earlier in few of months but as it is time taking periods women need to have patience and do not panic, as it increases your stress further and that definitely will not help you recover fast. Try the mention remedies and keep yourself stressfree, that’s the simple key to have your shiny look back.

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