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Abortion procedure doesn’t require the physical presence of a clinician

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When you buy abortion pills as prescribed and instructed, there’s nothing difficult in the process of abortion which a woman cannot perform without the physical presence of a clinician. You can easily administer the pills at your place. There are many pharmacy and healthcare websites where you can find the guidance and instructions online. It helps to perform the medical abortion procedure better with utmost care being taken.

Unlike the case of surgical abortions which require a clinician to perform the surgical suction of the fetus, medical abortion does involve any surgical instruments to complete the abortion process. Any informed user can perform the medical abortion process and terminate the unwanted pregnancy ( up to 8 weeks of gestation period). There are many regions where clinicians or medical experts are unavailable. Once received the prescription from a doctor, you do not have to go miles away only to find the medication. You can easily buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol online or the pills are also available at the local stores. The simple procedure of the noninvasive pregnancy termination procedure is explained below:

Administering the first pill: (Mifepristone)

Mifepristone (200mg) is an anti-progesterone pill which needs to be gulped down with water. The woman who is taking the pill does not typically experience any visible change in the body. There are some women who have reported to bleed after taking the first pill. There’s nothing abnormal to bleed after consuming the first pill, however, the woman has to continue the medication and take the second pill to complete the abortion procedure.

Consumption of the second pill (Misoprostol):

The four pills of Misoprostol (200 mcg) are expected to be administered 24 hours after consuming the first pill. The medicine can be taken two ways.

  • Buccally:

In this method, you have to keep the pill in both the cheek pouches and let them remain their for half an hour. You gulp the remainders after 30 minutes.

  • Vaginally

The vaginal method has to be performed carefully by placing the four Misoprostol in the vagina. Make sure you don’t urinate for at least half an hour after placing the pills in the vagina.

The symptoms of pregnancy termination:

Once you complete the abortion medication as instructed, you may start cramping and bleeding since the consumption of misoprostol causes uterine contraction.

There are certain side effects of the pills which are listed below:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Mild Fever
  • Weakness
  • A headache
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Fast heart rate

All the aforementioned side effects are non-permanent and do not require medical attention. Consult your physician if you experience an extreme case of the listed side effects.

Once you understand the procedure properly and prepare yourself for a medical abortion, your pregnancy can be easily and successfully ended at home without the physical presence of a clinician. MTP kit online availability makes it easier for receiving the pills at home and perform the medical abortion procedure at your own comfort.


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Is there a point after which I can no longer have an abortion?

Is there a point after which I can no longer have an abortion

Multiple abortions have always remained a debatable issue. The point after which a woman can no longer perform an abortion is different in both the types of abortions. There have been cases of multiple surgical abortion resulting in cervix infections and abnormal future pregnancies. However, medical abortion is fairly safe if compared the two.

Surgical Abortion:

Surgical abortion involves suction of the pregnancy contents using surgical instruments. The abortion method comes with some side effects which may pertain to long term health risks such as the integrity of the cervix, stern pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. It also increases the risks of miscarriage and premature births. Having multiple surgical abortions can be even riskier in such cases. A woman can not have surgical abortion more than two. It can possibly lead to several health risks and major complications to the cervix and the uterus area.

Medical Abortion:

Medical abortion is an effective way of terminating an unwanted pregnancy which is up to the gestation period of 8-10 weeks. This early pregnancy termination method is easier and safer which can be performed at home at your convenience.

You can easily find abortion pills online or from the local pharmacy stores. Buying it online helps you maintain privacy as there are many websites who offer abortion pills in discreet packaging. This enables you to order Mifeprex, Misoprostol or similar pregnancy termination medication at your doorstep without much hussle.

The side effects of medical abortion include nausea, diarrhea, mild fever, dizziness, headache. These side effects are temporary in nature. They do not require special medical attention unless the case is severe and intense. The side effects typically go on their own within a few days.

It is not abnormal to undergo a medical abortion more than once. It does not have a long term adverse impact on your body. You only have to make sure that you do not have it more than thrice. As it may lead to certain health risks which in rare cases can be severe.

To avoid any kind of complications involved in multiple abortions, you should always practice safe and protected intercourse. There are various birth control measures easily available at the local or online pharmacy stores. If you have already had an abortion more than once, it is even more important to buy birth control medicines or contraception. The pills prevent pregnancy and help you have a healthy sexual life without worrying about unwanted pregnancy or multiple abortions. If followed the precautions given, there will not be question of an unwanted pregnancy, thereby not facing multiple abortion situation.

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6 common myths about menstruation

Menstruation. The subject has remained a taboo for people for years. It has also given births to different myths which are still being followed by women and the society in general. Here are some misconceptions which are commonly found in the society and continues to spoil the menstruation picture amongst people.

Intercourse during your periods doesn’t make you pregnant:

People often misunderstand that you cannot get pregnant if you indulge in the sexual activity during the menstrual periods. This is untrue, although, if you have become pregnant due to any such event, you can buy abortion pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy. Also, the next time plan to have intercourse during menstrual periods, be careful and ask your partner to wear a condom.

The periods cannot be delayed:

A lot of people do not know the fact that periods can be regularized or delayed using medications. Buy Ovral G or similar birth control pills as the pills help to regularize the menstrual cycle. As you may know that when you go off the pills, you can get back to the normal menstrual periods. There are other medications also which help you delay the expected menstruation date up to a week.

Menstrual Period is only blood:

This is a common belief that you lose a lot of blood during the menstrual period. If truth be told, menstruation is nothing but purification of blood and most importantly it contains only blood is completely fallacious. Half of the contents in the menstrual fluid are cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, endometrial tissue while the other part, of course, is blood.

There is no such thing is PMS:

People often disbelieve in Premenstrual Syndrome. However, the truth is that PMS is a real disorder which is experienced by a number of women all across the world. Throughout the menstrual cycle, a woman body goes through various hormonal changes. Different levels of estrogen and progesterone have an impact on our brains, irritability, fatigue, and cramping. This eventually results in mood swings, cravings, tender breasts etc.

The menstrual period has a bad smell:

Other people cannot smell your menstrual periods because your menstruation does not have an odor. If you change your tampons/menstrual cups/pads regularly and clean your vaginal area during the menstruation period, it does not have an odor. Despite the aforementioned precautions, if your period still stinks, it can be an alarm for yeast infection. Visit your physician at the earliest if you experience any such unpleasant smell.

Menstruation should start at a particular age:

There’s no specific age by which a menstruation has to be started. Also, there are no health risks involved if you do not get your first periods by the said particular age. Ideally, the menstruation cycle begins between the age group of 9-15. If your menstrual periods do not start even after crossing 15, it is best you visit your physician as soon as possible.

A delay in a period often threatens women for pregnancy symptoms, it’s always better than you buy pregtest kit online or from the local stores to confirm your pregnancy status. If you are pregnant and stuck with an unwanted pregnancy situation, you can order Mifeprex and other abortion pills to end your pregnancy. If the results are negative, check with your doctor the reason for the delay and the treatment for the same.

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Different Medicines Used For Abortion

There are many regions where the required abortion medication is not available for women while there are also cases wherein women themselves are not aware of the abortion medication options and its availability. With increasing use of digital platforms, you can even buy abortion pills online and ease the process pregnancy termination medication.

To end an unwanted pregnancy which is up to the gestation period of 8-10 weeks, the woman requires two abortion pills primarily. The pills can be categorized into two forms.

    • Anti-Progesterone Pill
  • Prostaglandin Pill

The first type:

The first type of medicine is required to stop the growth of pregnancy. Progesterone is a hormone present in the female body which causes pregnancy growth. The anti-progesterone pill works against this hormone and stops the fetal growth. In the abortion pill combination, you can buy Mifepristone or Mifeprex. You can also buy Generic RU 486 if the none of the other two are available. The functioning and the efficacy of the three of the pills is the same.

How should you consume it?

One pill of Mifepristone/Mifeprex/Generic RU 486 has to be taken orally with water on the day you receive it. Women do not experience any change in the body post-pill consumption. Having stated that, it is not abnormal to experience light bleeding or cramping after administering the pill. In such a case, even if you bleed, the abortion process has to be continued with the second pill.

The second type

The second type of pill in the abortion process is a prostaglandin pill. You can buy Misoprostol or Cytolog. As in the case of the first pill, Cytolog and Misoprostol, both function in a similar manner showing the same kind of efficacy. The prostaglandin element present in the tablet contracts the uterine lining and empties the uterus through heavy vaginal bleeding.

How to consume it?

The pill can be taken two ways. (1) buccally (2) Vaginally. The first method involved placing the table in the cheek pouches and letting it remain there for at least half an hour. The remainders can be gulped if required. The vaginal method of taking the pill requires you to sit or lie down to place the pill in the vagina. It has to be carefully inserted there, pushing it further inside. The pill should be kept in a way that it shouldn’t fall down and remain there 30 minutes. Do not urinate for the next half an hour while the pill is in the vagina.  

While cramping and heavy bleeding are the two symptoms of pregnancy termination process getting complete, there are certain side effects of medical abortion which are as follow:

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Dizziness
    • Diarrhea
    • Chest pain
  • Cramping

The above side effects do not last longer than a few hours. Also, do not require serious medical attention the case is severe.

If you do not wish to get abortion pills separately, there are many websites which offer MTP kit online. The kit gives you a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It makes it easy to buy both the pills at once.

In case, you wish to mitigate the side effects of abortion pills, you can buy abortion pill which includes secondary medicines to lower the impact of side effects of pregnancy termination medicines.

If followed instructions properly, all of the aforementioned medicines show the highest efficacy and successfully terminate your pregnancy without much complexity.

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Birth Control and Family Planning

Family planning is necessary for a couple especially for women’s health and to give them time to balance the financial condition of the couple. It also helps the couple to decide how many children they want to have and when.

Today’s woman prioritizes her needs wherein studies, career, financial stability are some of the aspects which are given higher preference over pregnancy and parenting. The awareness of family planning is getting spread all over the world. However, there’s still lack of knowledge among women about the various methods of birth control that help for family planning.

Birth Control Pills:

Birth control medication is one of the best ways of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. When you buy Yasmin – quick and safe birth control pill, the combination of hormones in the pill stops ovulation. It thickens the mucus of the cervix making it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. Since there is no fertilization, pregnancy is prevented.

There are only a few minor side effects of birth control pills which are temporary in nature. When you stop taking the pill, you get back to the normal menstrual cycle which occurs in the due course of time. There are some women who prefer taking the pill every day throughout the year and get rid of period cramps. In such cases, you get periods only 4-5 times in a year.


A condom is another popular method of birth control which not only helps prevent pregnancies but also STDs. However, it has its disadvantage too. There’s a high rate of failure if you do not use the condom properly. Also, there have been cases of torn condoms which led to unintended pregnancies. Skin irritation such as contact dermatitis due to latex sensitivity or allergy are some other possible side effects of condoms. This has made women trust more on the other women birth control methods.


This is another birth control method especially suitable for women for tend to forget taking pills on time every day. Also, you can easily find Nuvaring online. It contains estrogen and progestin elements which help prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The NuvaRing is expected to be carefully inserted into the vagina and it remains there to prevent the entry of the sperm.

Emergency Contraceptive:

Emergency contraceptive is different from the other birth control medications. The method is also called as plan B. In case a woman gets involved in an unprotected sexual activity, or other protection such as condom fails, the ECP can be taken within 72 hours after having the sexual intercourse.  You can buy plan B online or from the nearby stores and administer it as instructed to get the highest efficacy of the pill.

Keep a pregtest kit handy so that you can easily check your pregnancy status when in doubt. Even if the pregnancy test shows positive results due to unprotected intercourse or other reasons, you can always rely on abortion pills to get rid of an unintended pregnancy.

There are a lot of women who prefer women contraceptive methods over male intercourse protections plans. It helps make women become independent and confident in their sexual relationships.


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