6 common myths about menstruation

Menstruation. The subject has remained a taboo for people for years. It has also given births to different myths which are still being followed by women and the society in general. Here are some misconceptions which are commonly found in the society and continues to spoil the menstruation picture amongst people.

Intercourse during your periods doesn’t make you pregnant:

People often misunderstand that you cannot get pregnant if you indulge in the sexual activity during the menstrual periods. This is untrue, although, if you have become pregnant due to any such event, you can buy abortion pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy. Also, the next time plan to have intercourse during menstrual periods, be careful and ask your partner to wear a condom.

The periods cannot be delayed:

A lot of people do not know the fact that periods can be regularized or delayed using medications. Buy Ovral G or similar birth control pills as the pills help to regularize the menstrual cycle. As you may know that when you go off the pills, you can get back to the normal menstrual periods. There are other medications also which help you delay the expected menstruation date up to a week.

Menstrual Period is only blood:

This is a common belief that you lose a lot of blood during the menstrual period. If truth be told, menstruation is nothing but purification of blood and most importantly it contains only blood is completely fallacious. Half of the contents in the menstrual fluid are cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, endometrial tissue while the other part, of course, is blood.

There is no such thing is PMS:

People often disbelieve in Premenstrual Syndrome. However, the truth is that PMS is a real disorder which is experienced by a number of women all across the world. Throughout the menstrual cycle, a woman body goes through various hormonal changes. Different levels of estrogen and progesterone have an impact on our brains, irritability, fatigue, and cramping. This eventually results in mood swings, cravings, tender breasts etc.

The menstrual period has a bad smell:

Other people cannot smell your menstrual periods because your menstruation does not have an odor. If you change your tampons/menstrual cups/pads regularly and clean your vaginal area during the menstruation period, it does not have an odor. Despite the aforementioned precautions, if your period still stinks, it can be an alarm for yeast infection. Visit your physician at the earliest if you experience any such unpleasant smell.

Menstruation should start at a particular age:

There’s no specific age by which a menstruation has to be started. Also, there are no health risks involved if you do not get your first periods by the said particular age. Ideally, the menstruation cycle begins between the age group of 9-15. If your menstrual periods do not start even after crossing 15, it is best you visit your physician as soon as possible.

A delay in a period often threatens women for pregnancy symptoms, it’s always better than you buy pregtest kit online or from the local stores to confirm your pregnancy status. If you are pregnant and stuck with an unwanted pregnancy situation, you can order Mifeprex and other abortion pills to end your pregnancy. If the results are negative, check with your doctor the reason for the delay and the treatment for the same.

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