Things That May Contribute to a Woman’s Feeling After an Abortion

Woman’s Feeling After an Medical Abortion

Anytime when a difficult decision is made, it is natural to worry ‘what if I had made a different choice?’ and to agonize over the decision. Following the procedure of pregnancy termination with abortion pills, your hormones are changing back to their pre-pregnancy state. Such chemical change can cause feelings of weepiness and sadness. You might not have much support from your family or friends. Separation is a major reason, which women may find them in distress after an abortion procedure.

A woman might feel very isolated regarding a decision of having aborted. It may not have been clear to her that ending pregnancy was a right decision in her circumstances. She may feel abandoned and alone. Perhaps she might be hoping the man who got her pregnant would want to have a child with her. Possibly he was not willing to do that, contributing to her sadness.

Pregnancy termination may bring up feelings or old experiences you have been suppressing. For example, if sexual abuse is a part of a woman’s past, she may find herself re-living feelings related to her abuse. Feeling frightened in regards to pregnancy and abortion may result her in remembering a time when she felt vulnerable and frightened.

You often might feel bad about yourself and have low self-esteem. You may also fear that you would never get pregnant again. If your anxious about this, be assured that an abortion through MTP Kit is safe and does not cause infertility in the future.

Is it normal to feel depressed after an abortion?

Allowing yourself to express any grief and sadness that you are feeling will help it to reduce. You won’t always feel this way. Do not be hard on yourself. Speak to oneself in ways that are positive. You are a good and a moral person.

In rare cases, females may become clinically depressed following the termination procedure. In situation where feelings are overwhelming and do not seem to be settling, or else you are suffering symptoms of depression. Consultation of a psychological counselor is needed.

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