What To Do If You are Pregnant, But Do not Wish to Be?

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Abortion is an ancient history that human practices to control fertility. Unprotected intercourse, incorrect usage of contraception, or when women missed the dose of birth control pills, causes unexpected pregnancy.  So if this is not a right time for you to conceive a child and want to terminate your early unwanted pregnancy, the process you may undergo, is known as medical abortion. In this process the pregnancy parts are expelled out of the uterus.

In major cases, a safe and secure termination of pregnancies have relieved the physical or mental stress coupled with a pregnancy which is undesired. Females are made available with various abortive products like MTP Kit and more other, for the annihilation of an early pregnancy that is within 10 weeks of gestation.

If a woman doesn’t want to conceive:       

Thousands of abortions take place every year all around the world. Opinions of masses regarding abortion are diverse, some people want it to authorize while don’t even support. There are certain concerns that affect the females with undesired pregnancy that includes:

  • Low socio economic status
  • Low educational level
  • The absence of a partner
  • Drug abuse or
  • The presence of violence

Therefore in such cases; the continuation of a pregnancy is putting physical or mental health risk.

A woman who does not feel socially or psychologically equipped to be a mother may suffer from severe depression and anxiety reactions. As a result, the simple perception of unwanted childbearing becomes a kind of physical or emotion torture for many women. Females who are a witness of such painful circumstances may buy abortion pill to terminate and get relief from their unwanted pregnancy.


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