5 Things You Need To Know About Getting Pregnant After Abortion

Things About Getting Pregnant After Abortion

Getting pregnant soon after an abortion is not healthy!

Majority of couples choose for an abortion to delay a pregnancy till they are prepared for it, whereas others abort the baby due to some medical and psychological reasons. But, getting pregnant after a pregnancy termination would need a little planning and safety measures. Below are some facts you need to know about conception after termination of pregnancy.

1)    Abortion does not interfere with fertility:

If you buy abortion pill for pregnancy termination with proper medical guidance would normally be a safe procedure and doesn’t affect your fertility in any way. You should only fear about fertility issues if the process damages the reproductive organs such as the ovaries and the fallopian tubes in some way or another. Nevertheless, with the advancement in the field of medical science, complication, and infection rates after a pregnancy termination through abortion pills has gone down severely.

2)    Repeated abortions in the past can make the cervix weak or incompetent:

Enduring termination procedure to delay your pregnancy won’t harm you. However, if you choose for multiple abortions or endure multiple dilations and curettages (D&C) that means cleaning out of the uterus during the procedure may result into scarring at the top of the cervix or inside the womb. Excluding this, any process that involves dilation of the cervix, like that in the case of termination, if done frequently, can weaken it.  Thus, if you decide for a pregnancy after having multiple terminations, you could suffer from inept cervix that could start dilating before the due time and lead to mistimed abortion.  Generally a hysterectomy can help to know the condition of the cervix. In the event of a frail cervix, a stitch is done to keep it closed so the embryo is safe inside the uterus.

3)    Getting pregnant soon after an abortion could be harmful: 

Doctors recommend that getting becoming pregnant soon after the termination, which is within 3 months after the process, could be dangerous. In the medication procedure, uterus softens due to the effects of medicines, inducing contraction to expel the fetus out. It is followed with heavy bleeding at times. In contrast, termination through surgical method is done through absorption voidance followed by curettage, which is sealing of the cut blood flow pathway into the womb to lessen excessive bleeding.  It takes a detriment on the uterus and also the health of the woman. It is paragon to wait for at least 6 months after termination before trying to get pregnant. You can make use of contraceptives to prevent becoming pregnant naturally!

4)    Use of contraception after an abortion is necessary:

Even if you undergo from bleeding or missed periods following an abortion, you would be still ovulating. It means that there are still chances of you getting pregnant after termination.  So, it is recommended to use contraception or any kind of protection as a precaution.

5)    Take expert help to plan pregnancy after abortion:

Though you buy abortion pills online for a safe pregnancy termination and have waited long enough for your uterus to cure, you still need to concern your doctor before planning a pregnancy. Sure diagnostic tests done before conception will give you a fair idea whether you are fit for pregnancy and if your uterus is completely cured to foster the embryo.

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