Health Benefits of Yasmin Pill

Health Benefits of Yasmin pill

Yasmin pill is a contraceptive medicine approved for the prevention of pregnancy. The medication consists of two hormones namely, ethinylestradiol and drospirenone that works in a combination to avert pregnancy through different functions. It is considered potent medicine used over 21 or 28 days. A 21 days’ regimen consists of 21 active medications(pills) which are to be taken daily once in a day at same time. In 28-day course, along with 21 yellow tablets there are additional seven white inert tablets of non-active medication (placebos). Yasmin can be proved to be 98-99% effective at preventing pregnancy if taken as prescribed, without missing a pill.

Mechanism of action:

Yasmin Contraceptive pill is best taken in the evening or at bedtime. It functions by suppressing hormones that promote pregnancy, averting ovulation from occurring, making the uterus unfavorable for sperm’s entrance, and changing the composition of the cervical lining to avoid egg implantation. Other than preventing unplanned pregnancies, the pill also has other health benefits, which include:

1.     Menstrual Period:

As the woman’s body adapts to a monthly 28 regimen of Yasmin tablets, it maintains the same hormonal level each menstrual cycle and eventually, the drug regularizes the menstrual period, making it more predictable. It also lessens menstrual pain and discomfort, reduces the amount of blood loss per cycle, and decreases the duration of the menstrual period.

2.     Reduced incidence of Anemia:

Many women buy yasmin online or at local drug store as it reduces the occurrence of anemia, which can be a consequence of low iron supply in the body. Red blood cells make iron. As Yasmin diminishes total blood during menstruation, levels of iron are maintained and the occurrence of anemia from iron depletion is reduced.

3.     Reduced Incidence of Cancers:

Lasting the use of Yasmin pill decreases the occurrences of cancers of the uterus lining and ovaries. But, similar to other hormone-based contraceptive drugs, it can increase the incidences of cervical and liver cancers. As per the National Institute of Cancer, the result of birth control medicines on breast cancer is vague.

4.     Ovarian Health:

Since Yasmin averts ovulation, the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy (where the egg is implanted outside the uterus) is decreased. Ectopic pregnancy can be lethal to the mother as the implanted egg can rupture and cause internal bleeding. The medication also diminishes the occurrence of cyst formation in the ovaries, promoting common ovarian health.

5.     Breast Health:

Long-term use of Yasmin shields the breasts from noncancerous growths like lumps and cysts. The drug also diminishes the incidence of menstrual-related breast difficulty.

6.     Pelvic Health:

The Yasmin pill can reduce the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which is a serious disease that takes place when an infection spreads from vagina and cervix to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Uncured PID can destroy the reproductive organs and can cause infertility too.


Although Yasmin pill has various beneficial effects, it has certain risk too, including depression, migraines, weight changes, increased incidence of blood clots, gallbladder abnormalities, and swelling of the breasts. These risks must be considered before starting the medication.

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