The Difficulty of Abortion Decision

The Difficulty of Abortion Decision

For many women abortion is the only decision they can live with. However, most cultures and societies are harsh on women who decide to have their pregnancy terminated. While most are indoctrinated to see this option as a selfish and cruel or even murderous one, most often than not, ironically, this is the only responsible choice one could make.

This is the reason why many women keep the decision to abort by themselves and handle it alone, trusting only few close ones and worrying that people may judge them for their decision.

Why is it so difficult?

Whether the option to abort is for you depends upon a variety of aspects. It is not easy to make a decision which is contrary to the society’s acceptable norm. Due to many restrictive laws, many women find it difficult to access abortive services –surgeries or abortion pills.

The difficulty can be due to religious beliefs, family support system, personal ethics/morality beliefs, a lack of partner, level of education/employment or financial status, access to reproductive healthcare services, laws and drugs/alcohol.

Abortion is not easy to go through, but nor is it a frightening choice to make.

The severity of discomfort and pain of the experience differs individual from individual, so there is no one right thing to feel or to experience.

Decision: Medical Abortion

You need two medications – Mifepristone and Misoprostol, to successfully terminate a pregnancy pharmaceutically. This type of abortive procedure must be done within 10 weeks of gestation (12 weeks – if you are counting from the last day of the menstrual cycle).

Having a medical pregnancy termination requires at least one to three days for completion.

You may be required to have an ultrasound to confirm that your pregnancy is within 10 weeks as well as to confirm that it is intrauterine. If the pregnancy is located outside the uterus (ectopic) it cannot be terminated using abortion pills.

According to the rules and regulation in some places, you may be required to attend a mandatory counseling and to wait compulsorily for 24 hours to ruminate over your decision. However, many studies and research have shown that women who have walked into an abortive clinic are much more decisive about their decision than any other patients with other health conditions.

The medical abortive procedure

The procedure includes taking one pill of Mifepristone [200mg] on the first day. After a waiting period of 24-48 hours, you have to ingest 4 pills of Misoprostol buccally, i.e. in the cheek pouches. Keep the pills in the cheek pouches for at least half hour and let them dissolve naturally before swallowing the residue of the tablets.

You may have an ultrasound or a pelvic exam to confirm if you have finished the pregnancy termination completely.

The experience

Having a medical pregnancy termination takes longer than surgical procedure, however many women choose it because it feels more natural than surgery. Therefore, less stressful emotionally.

Many even choose it because it is more private and as a result buy abortion pills online to have the procedure done at home. There are several women who come out of this experience and feel a little bit apprehensive and yet relived that they took this step.

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