What happens to your periods after an Abortion?

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Women who have undergone pregnancy termination frequently wonder when their body will return to normal. As to be expected, the abnormal levels of stress in the woman eventually affects the menstrual cycle which causes changes in the monthly cycle after getting the pregnancy terminated.

Therefore, in some cases, it takes several months for the regular menstrual cycle to return, while for others it returns fairly quickly. In essence, the time required for the normal periods to return back depends upon how far along the pregnancy was when the woman got it terminated. It also depends on the type of procedure- whether by abortion pills or by surgery.

About Abortion

  • An abortion is when a pregnancy is ended with the help of surgery or medication. Even if the growth of the fetus is at its earliest stage, the body is filled with pregnancy hormones. Moreover, the body signals various organs to start expecting the pregnancy.
  • In the event that the pregnancy is not showing growth, the body expels it naturally or a healthcare professional can end the pregnancy clinically. This sudden absence of pregnancy further confuses the body and causes hormones to go out of control. Therefore, it takes some time for the body to resume to its natural state prior conception.
  • Bearing in mind that if a trained healthcare professional performed the procedure, the less chance of complications and shorter recovery times it will take after the pregnancy termination.
  • The sooner the pregnancy termination takes place, the less complicated it is and the less risk of difficulties there will be in later pregnancies.

When does the period return?

After an abortive procedure, your ovulation cycle should take place within 7 to 10 days and similarly your periods should start within 4 to 8 weeks.

If the pregnancy was terminated in the first trimester, i.e. before 12 weeks, then the menstrual cycle should return in 4 to 12 weeks after an abortion. The first period would be much lighter and would not last the regular time period after a surgical procedure.

If you have terminated using  Mifepristone and Misoprostol , i.e. abortive medications, you must expect heavier menstrual period than normal in the first cycle after the procedure.

What changes happen in your body during your first period after the abortion?

During this cycle, your body’s first priority is to expel all the remaining parts of the gone pregnancy. This includes the embryonic tissues together with other wastage from the uterus which are seen by the heavy bleeding.

You may consider that to be your primary menstrual cycle after the abortion. It may happen within few days or it may take few weeks. If you aborted with an abortion pill kit, then you can surgically remove the remaining conception parts if needed, such can happen in a rare case.

In such situation, you may not go through the heavy bleeding. Your regular period may be overdue for a few weeks as your system waits for the hormones to set in. After an abortion pill pregnancy termination, an irregular menstrual cycle might be less hurting and heavier than a normal one.

Similar to most people, you could recover from a pregnancy cancellation in a few days if everything is done as instructed. It is advised however to contact a professional in case the cramps and heavy bleeding continues for over 24 hours after the termination procedure.

In fact, a fever can be a sign of complication that is keeping you away from full recovery.

Returning to regular period

Returning to normal menstrual cycle is not a problem for most women, irregularity is. The reasons for irregular periods are due to the body retaining some pregnancy hormones for a number of months. Even after the pregnancy is terminated, the body will continue to be affected by these hormones. It is only when these hormones are completely flushed out of the body, will the regular menstrual period begin like it was before conceiving.

  • When the periods return to normal, there are many alterations due to aborting that you may continue to feel as long as a year.
  • These changes are – the duration of each bleeding cycle, the amount of bleeding and cramps. You may also experience pregnancy symptoms like fatigue or swollen breasts. You may experience this during the initial menstrual cycle following the abortion.
  • Cramping and post menstrual syndrome may also be experienced after aborting.

Irregular flow

  • If you have gone through the surgical abortive procedure, there is a possibility that your first period will be lighter and short.
  • If your initial period after a surgical abortion is heavier and long lasting, you must immediately call a doctor.
  • If you underwent medication abortion, i.e. by MTP Kit, you will experience heavier and longer flow.
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