What are the consequences of unwanted pregnancy?

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The situations of unwanted pregnancy have become prominent than ever before. If ignored, such situations can lead to the fatal truth of a woman’s life. There’s a need to educate woman on how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. The education offered must also include emotional recovery from the whole event.

Though an unintended conception is a personal affair, its impact is largely felt by the family and the overall society.

What can be the possible reasons for an unintended pregnancy?

  • Contraceptive failure
  • Unprotected intercourse
  • Rape (rare)
  • Torn condom

Women who become alone in an unintended pregnancy situation, end up following unhealthy and false practices of ending a pregnancy. Many a time, this leads to several health risks to the woman which can possibly be serious or fatal at times.

If she chooses to continue the pregnancy, the consequences of the same can be negative. Following are some of the consequences of a continued unwanted pregnancy.


If the woman has to continue the pregnancy, the possibilities of going into depression cannot be ignored. On the other hand, when she chooses to buy abortion pills and end her pregnancy, the woman becomes free from the stress and heads a happy life.


The woman may not be able to perform her duty as a parent due to lack of affection towards the child. This happens in the cases when the woman is unmarried and gets pregnant with someone whom she does not want to pair with.

Unstable financial condition

Many a time couple make an abortion decision because they cannot offer enough provisions and facilities to their future child/children. In such cases, the family’s financial condition gets even more unstable after a continued undesirable pregnancy.

Incomplete education:

There have been many cases where women get pregnant in the middle of their education. Abortion is the only suitable option in a situation like these. Such women have reported discontinuing their education as they were not allowed to end the pregnancy.

Regardless of the cause or any other factors, you can deal with the unwanted pregnancy and avoid its consequences through safe abortion pills.

When you abort your pregnancy through medications, the pregnancy can be ended at home with complete privacy maintained. This further helps to prevent the consequences of a continued conception.

The issue has to be addressed in every country while allowing women to freely make decisions on their pregnancies. The availability of abortion pill in the US is more on the online pharmacies than the local stores. These pharmacies allow women to buy abortion pills online and help them end the pregnancy maintaining their pregnancy.

Also, the unintended pregnancy events can be avoided if women in every country will be educated about the safe intercourse practices. If the couple tends to forget to get a condom at the time of intimating, the woman can consider buying Ovral G or other contraception methods for the pregnancy termination. Successful pregnancy prevention helps women to keep unintended pregnancy at bay.

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