How safe is it to travel during a medical abortion?

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Medical abortion is an easy way of ending an early pregnancy at home. There are certain precautions that women need to take during and after the process of a medical pregnancy termination. Physicians or doctors never advise women to travel during the abortion since the condition is usually weak during this time. Let’s understand why you shouldn’t travel during the pregnancy termination process.

Travel during a medical abortion:

If you are planning to travel during the abortion process, it’s not a bad idea but not a wise thought either. However, you need to be aware of the after effects of medical abortion if you choose to travel during the process. .

The after effects of an abortion:

When you buy Mifeprex and misoprostol pill to terminate your unwanted pregnancy, the second pill in the drug combination contains prostaglandin elements which cause hormonal changes in the uterine wall. You experience following symptoms of abortion after taking the pill.

  • Cramping:

Intense cramping is a result of the contraction of the uterine wall. Women suspect abdomen pain 3-4 hours after taking the second tablet.

  • Vaginal Bleeding:

The pregnancy blood clots are being passed through vaginal bleeding which lasts up to a week. The bleeding is typically heavier than the normal menstrual periods.

Apart from the symptoms of abortion, there are certain after effects which may not occur in every case but the possibilities cannot be denied or ignored. These side effects of medical abortion include nausea, diarrhea, headache, etc.

Due to the aforementioned after effects of the medical abortion, the body at the time.  becomes weak Since women require rest to recover from the medical abortion, it is advised not to involve into intense physical activities. Hence, even traveling should be avoided during the process of medical abortion. You can continue traveling a week after the process when you feel completely healed and ready to travel.

Medical abortion doesn’t make you travel:

There are a couple of websites who offer misoprostol and mifepristone online. These websites provide abortion pills at your doorstep. Hence, when you buy abortion pills online, you do not even require to go out to get the medication. All the procedure can be performed at home, thereby avoiding traveling.

In case you cannot avoid traveling during the abortion process:

  • Make sure you have adequate pads for the journey. Also, you need to ensure that you can change the pad as and when needed.
  • Since diarrhea is one of the side effects of abortion medication, consult your doctor for its necessary pills. You may also ask for solutions for other side effects.
  • Keep cushions and comfy set of clothes.
  • To keep your body hydrated, keep fluids or energy drinks with you.

Traveling by a public vehicle becomes even more difficult in such cases, it is advised to use your own vehicle for traveling where you can be comfortable and rest. Traveling indeed helps to emotionally heal from a stressful event and hence women tend to travel after the abortion procedure. The only tip to be given here would be the needed precaution while traveling. Do not travel if you’re too weak to move.


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