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Why do women have Abortions??

Only a woman can understand what it takes to deal with anunwanted pregnancy. However, to put regulations for termination of pregnancy itis very important to understand why women perform an abortion.Unwanted pregnancy can be from unprotected sexual intercourse or failure of contraception used, but taking an abortion decision is beyond these two reasons which one needs to understand. The



5 Myths you might believe about Medication abortion

Although medical pregnancy termination is a safe procedure, people always have to talk about something negative about it. It creates rumors which become widespread myths. For any woman who is needing help with the correct information about medical abortion should browse the internet and read blogs talking about medical abortion experiences.Following are the few myths which women are most likely to believe. This blog helps women debunk five myths of medical abortion.#myth 1. Medical abortion can have health risks:Medical termination is one of the safest ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion pills contain components



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By Linda posner 19 Sep 2019

being a nurse and mother of 2, i stuck with my third pregnancy but as I divorced last month it's difficult for be to go with surgical abortion paymemt so after discussing with my sr doc she precribed me cytolog abortion pill and suggested to but online because of financial issues. while surfing through internet I came across and mailed them my query and tehy promptly reply back to me after which I order successfully and had my pill pack delivered at my home in a week only. The extreme help this pharmacy provided was really appreciable as of my mind clears with all sort of doubts after discussing I took it 3 days early and still having great bleeding and little fever and headache also facing but still it is bearable, must say this is a recommendable pill for so many women like me

  • Jenifer Smith
    I accidentally got pregnant immediately after my first pregnancy my child is of 7 months only so me ...Read More
  • michel Wolter
    I was in financial weak condition was the reason behind my decision to choose abortion pills for abo...Read More
  • Jackey cruize
    Hey as all other females have faced I too faced great pain and bleeding buy it was for time being mo...Read More
  • Sammy Wolter
    I took MTP kit for first abortion at the age 22, which was quite relief experience not much painful...Read More

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