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Why do birth control pills cause nausea? How to control it?

Stat says 25% of women who wish to prevent unwanted pregnancy rely on birth control pills. Though birth control pills are an effective way of preventing a planned pregnancy, nausea is one of the side effects that it has.Why do birth control pills cause nausea?Estrogen is a hormone that is usually present in the birth control pill. When you take the pill, it primarily works in the repr



An Ultimate Guide: How to use abortion pills at home?

When you are undergoing a pregnancy termination procedure, be it a surgical abortion or medical, how well you follow the instructions decide the success of the procedure. Hence, the way of administering abortion pills is of utmost importance in the medical abortion procedure.This blog guides you to understand how you can perform a medical abortion at home, what are medications you will be going to use, what precautions you should consider and how to observe abortion over its symptoms.1.What are the abortion pills used :Mifepristone abortion pill:The Mifepristone pill in the pill combination should be 200 mg. When yo



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By Susanna Dickens 30 Oct 2019

After I and my husband decided not to have a baby soon we heard about medical abortion and consult at clinic about it and they also said it has 95% success rate we decide to choose pills over surgery, we purchased MTP kit as it has both medicines in single pack 5 pills were there totally in pack. For precaution I took my first pill at local clinic near us and rest four pills I took at my place and had started bleeding with heavy pain just in 10-11 hours still I'm little bleeding like menstrual as 3 weeks past only I started the process. But my ultrasound after 2nd week has negative pregnancy and I aborted successfully. I will suggest pills are better than surgery and safe to take at home, no need of physician or nurse also the cost of the process is affordable compared to the clinical abortion.

  • Jackie M.
    I have ordered 4 MTP kit together and they have provided with effective cost and express delivery. G...Read More
  • alberta K.
    I had my first abortion using MTP kit 5 tabs set my mom ordered online and really saved from the hec...Read More
  • Jana Hernandez
    I took my decision to abort my pregnancy as I'm being forced for this pregnancy. I consulted online ...Read More
  • Kevin Westberg
    Our GYN has prescribed misoprostol(Cytolog) to my wife a month ago, I'm a witness so I can better st...Read More

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