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Will my Abortion be Difficult and Painful?

Abortion can be processed in 2 ways i.e Medical abortion or Surgical abortion. Medical abortion can be done if a woman is in the initial gestation period (which means the first 9 weeks of pregnancy). Medical abortion can cause cramping and vaginal bleeding to abort the pregnancy in a natural way, many women can handle the discomfort rather than opting for surgical abortion which involves anes



DIY Abortion with Self-Monitoring Misoprostol: A Guide for Women

Studies and Reports have stated that Millions of ladies worldwide have securely ended their pregnancies with medicine since Mifepristone and Misoprostol were first presented in the market in the 1980s. Research in the previous two eras has recognized a few profoundly compelling regimens for early-stage abortion. Whether taken in a clinic or at home by ladies themselves, these pills offer an alternative for numerous ladies who dont want to opt for other fetus removal systems, for example, (D&C) dilation and curettage, manual vacuum aspiration.Since Mifepristone is a certified abortion medication, conversely, Research has disc



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By Wesley Herren 02 Dec 2019

I don't feel shame about saying my GF has aborted using the abortion pill kit we bought online. She is 23 and busy with her master's program so this sudden pregnancy we can't welcome that was the simple reason we had even happened in out of scenes. So we preferred choosing online consultation and ordered MTP kit pack referred by a medical expert. She had started an extreme pain bleeding just an hour after having the second pill misoprostol and ended but having large clots and cramping with heavy bleeding for almost 6-7 hours. She was 6 weeks pregnant at that time. as the abortion stigma is gaining in the USA law and regulation we must stand up for women as it's their right as well healthcare need that what they want to choose.4 months later today we are satisfied with discission for going abortion with pills as she didn't observe any other long term side effects, few she observed in early-stage post-abortion as she had weakness and nausea for moth than week.

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  • Kevin Westberg
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  • Linda Petersberg
    I had my abortion 2 months before.I'm happy with the decision and I went for pills and I want to say...Read More
  • Donna Buckley
    I order Mifeprex and Cytolog together consulting online with OB-GYN in my 8th week. I ordered the pi...Read More

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