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Why are women turning to medical abortion?

Only a few years back and women were found skeptical of even talking about abortion openly. However, as times have changed, so have the opinions of society and government about unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Medical abortion, which is a safe method of ending an unwanted pregnancy is seen as being used more by women around the world.This has led to women turning towards options like



The impact of the birth control pill on your mood

As your period comes nearer, you can find yourself a little cranky or emotional. Not every woman can get away with premenstrual mood swings. The mood swings experienced while you are on birth control pill is quite similar to what you experience during menstruation.Why do you observe the emotional side effects of the birth control pill? This blog helps you understand how your body can have an impact due to the birth control pill.How do hormonal contraceptives work?Birth control pill contains estrogen and progestin components which makes hormonal changes in the body. As a result, the cervix of the woman gets thicken, creati



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