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what is the difference between Abortion Pill and Emergency pill?

abortion pills online

Emergency contraceptive tablet and abortion tablets are more likely to be confused among pill as their working is mainly concerned with an unwanted pregnancy. Today, both medicines are easily available at online stores and local stores as well. However, one must understand when to buy abortion pills online when to buy plan B like pills to deal with your unwanted pregnancy. While speaking of their working, dosage and other things, both medicines are completely different than other medicines.

The difference between the abortion pill and the emergency pill is explained in this blog.

What is abortion pill?

An abortion pill is a medicine that contributes to the medical abortion procedure. There are two types of abortion pills. Anti-progesterone and prostaglandin. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular abortion pill combination that ends an unwanted pregnancy together.

What is the emergency pill?

An emergency pill is a contraception which is consumed after having unprotected sexual intercourse.

Which pill is used when?

The abortion pills are used when the woman has confirmed her pregnancy and plans to end it through medical method.

An emergency contraceptive pill is used when unprotected sexual intercourse has occurred there can be chances of pregnancy. In such a case, if the couple wishes to prevent the pregnancy from occurring, the woman can consume emergency after pill at the earliest within 72 hours after the sexual activity.

Working of the pills:

With its present constituents, Mifepristone and Misoprostol stop the growth of the pregnancy make contractions in the uterine lining to eject pregnancy contents from the body. The complete process of termination of pregnancy can take up to 8-10 weeks to finish and have a successful abortion.

Plan B, which is an emergency contraceptive pill lowers the chances of pregnancy by preventing or delaying ovulation and/or by interfering with sperm movement. This eventually stops the sperm from entering the egg and fertilize the same.

Side Effects:

The side effects of abortion pills include a migraine, mild fever, cramps,

The side effects of the emergency contraceptive pill can also have Nausea, Dizziness, Fatigue, Headache and Breast tenderness.


To buy abortion pills, one must have the prescription letter as the consumption of pregnancy termination can have a different impact on the user depending on the body type and gestation period. Guidance from a healthcare provider or medical expert is a must.

On the other hand, the morning after pill can be taken even if the user does not require a prescription letter. A woman who has had unprotected sexual intercourse can take the pill within 72 hours and prevent the unwanted pregnancy.


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Five Myths About The Plan B Morning- After Pill

Five Myths about the Plan B Morning- After Pill

Every person slips up in life, however what if that slip-up happens while having intercourse?

Failure of birth control method may leave someone pondering, what should be done. The morning- after pill is normally the first option that comes to mind, except this there are some common myths regarding the pill that needs to be addressed.

1)    Myth- You can use morning-after pill as your birth control.

Reality- The morning-after pill is not nearly as effective as contraceptive tablets. The probability of preventing a pregnancy with emergency contraceptive is much less, if taken as regular birth control.

According to an emergency contraception researcher, there are no safety concerns with using it every week; but it’s not as efficient as any ongoing process contraception.

The morning-after pill is still very effectual. However if someone is looking for a reliable contraception, they must consult to their OBGYN regarding getting on a long-term plan.

2)    Myth- If you take morning-after pill you will not get pregnant.

Reality- As per Plan B morning after pill, it prevents about seven out of eight pregnancies that would have happened. Although it is reliable preventative in an emergency, the only way to make sure that a person does not get pregnant is abstinence.

3)    Myth- Plan B is not for you because you are against abortion.

Reality- Plan B pill is not an abortion pill. It contains synthetic levonorgestrel and progestin. These are the similar ingredients found in range of brands of birth control tablets. The pill works in a same way as the birth control pill to help prevent pregnancy.

4)    Myth- The unprotected intercourse took place a couple of hours ago; hence you can’t take it at this moment.

Reality- Morning –after pills need not to be taken right away after intercourse, but can be taken within 72 hours following an unprotected intercourse. According to a U.S. health reproductive service, later than 72 hours, the efficacy of the pill goes down to 89%. As a result, by day four, the efficiency drops even lower. It is always best to have the Plan B as early as possible since the failed birth control method.

5)    Myth- You took the morning-after pill today, thus you can have unprotected intercourse again later.

Reality- You can buy Plan B online or at local pharmacy, but it only works to its full potential with one failed contraception or unguarded intercourse. If a woman takes the Plan B and then chooses to have an unguarded intercourse, they may end up getting pregnant. Thus, if a woman has already taken morning-after pill, her regular birth control form must be continued.

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