The General User Information for Taking Abortion Pills

general-user-information-for-taking-abortion-pillsGetting an abortion is an important and in many cases a life changing decision for women. Due to religious or personal beliefs, many women are denied access to abortion while others go through several hurdles while acquiring them. Society, peers, family and even strangers may side eye anyone buying abortion pills or going to the clinic for getting one.

Therefore many women choose to buy abortion pills online and have it delivered at home for keeping the process private. For one to use them at home, however needs a thorough reading of the pills usage, effect and precautions etc. The instructions a woman needs to follow for pregnancy termination are as follows –

  • Pre-requisites of getting a medical pregnancy termination

It is recommended to have a person by your side to assist you should anything go wrong. You need to keep a stock of sanitary pads, pain killers like ibuprofen /advil (or recommended medicine), clean towels, hot pads, comfortable clothes/blankets, glucose tablets and a thermometer with you. As these are essential needs should you suffer from side effects such weakness and diarrhea. Bleeding and cramps are given effects of abortion so you need to keep these essentials within your hand’s reach.

  • Getting the pills

While many clinics sell pregnancy cancellation pills, some women may prefer buying them in the privacy of their house. These days you can get an MTP Kit online that contains both Mifepristone and Misoprostol (two essential drugs for effectively ending a pregnancy).

  • Follow the procedure as per instructions

On the day when you take Abortion pills, be sure to keep yourself calm and ready for the process. After that, take a 200 mg of Mifepristone tablet. Once you have taken this medicine you may experience some light bleeding and cramps. Avoid doing jobs that are stressful for the body (heavy lifting) or having intercourse and eat normally.

After 24-72 hours, you can consume four tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg dosage. This you can do by placing them in your cheek pouch (two tablets each) or inserting them in your vagina. Consuming them orally is generally recommended.

Taking misoprostol will cause uterine contractions and heavy bleeding; therefore you may consume painkillers prior to taking misoprostol and hot water bottles or hot pads for cramps.

  • Eating after abortion

As pregnancy termination causes the body to lose a lot of nutrients, it is necessary to eat healthy food stuffs during and after the procedure. Food stuffs like Grains, Dairy, Vegetables/fruits and high protein nutrient are necessary for a healthy recovery.

  • Resting and taking note of your progress

Resting while the bleeding and cramping continues is necessary. While you must eating nutritional food, do not take up cooking or other house chores for some period. Also keep checking on your progress on side effects of the pills. If the pain and bleeding does not subside after a while, visit a doctor.

An after checkup

After 14 to 17 days of taking the abortion pill, make sure to go to a health care facility or a doctor who can give you an ultrasound and check up to find if the termination was successful.

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