Gestation period and medical abortion

medical abortion

The missing period gives a woman second thoughts of pregnancy news. Even if she confirms her pregnancy, she cannot assuredly guess the gestation of her pregnancy. It becomes very important for her to calculate how many weeks is the gestation of your pregnancy. It is even more important if it is an unwanted pregnancy and you wish to end it with medical abortion.

Before you calculate the gestation of pregnancy, we’ll understand the meaning of pregnancy gestation. The gestation of pregnancy is essentially the pregnancy length. The calculation of gestation is not as simple as it seems!

You can calculate your pregnancy through the following ways.

Sometimes women misunderstand the gestation calculation and add up their weeks from the day pregnancy confirmation.

The ideal way to calculate the gestation length of pregnancy is by the last menstrual period. If you wish to understand your pregnancy length, you must get back to the time when you got your last menstrual period. You can count your gestation from the first day of your last menstrual period.

If you have had your last menstrual period 3rd October and today’s date is 23rd November, the gestation of your pregnancy is 8 weeks. If your pregnancy is

When can you abort your pregnancy using abortion pills?

You can buy abortion pills and end your pregnancy if you are up to 8 weeks into your pregnancy gestation. If the weeks have crossed 10 weeks, it is advised that women choose surgical abortion to end their pregnancy.

Where can you get abortion pills?

Be it an abortion pill online store or a local pharmacy, women are typically asked to submit a prescription before purchasing the pills. This is to ensure the safety of the woman since the efficacy and impact of abortion pills differ as per the body type, and pregnancy gestation.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills are the two of the most popular pregnancy termination pills which are taken together to successfully end an unwanted pregnancy.

After you consumer the abortion pills, you may experience abdomen cramps due to the contractions in the uterine lining. This is followed by expelling the fetal tissues through heavy vaginal bleeding.

Again, the cramps and bleeding largely depend on the gestation of pregnancy and body type. It is observed that women who have a small gestation period are more likely to experience less painful abortion procedure.

Understand the symptoms of pregnancy and confirm it with a home pregnancy test or visit the nearest doctor to check your pregnancy status. You must note that performing a pregnancy termination without confirming the pregnancy and its gestational length can lead to health risks. If the gestational length of the pregnancy rejects the woman for an abortion candidate, the impact is solely due to improper handling of the situation.

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