How to use MTP Kit and when to use the second one?

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An MTP Kit is a set that comes with abortion pills in FDA recommended dosages. The kit contains 1 tablet of Mifepristone [200 mg] and 4 tablets of Misoprostol [400 mcg each – 800 mcg total]. These  abortion pills can end pregnancies that are within 10 weeks [70 days] of gestation.

Some women even buy abortion pill MTP Kit online, to get a cost effective deal.

How to use it?

The MTP Kit contains anti progesterone agent Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which is a propagandist analog. To use them you must follow the below procedure.

  1. Swallow 200 mg tablet of Mifepristone normally
  2. After the first dosage, take 24- 48 hours of mandatory interval
  3. Put 400 mcg each of four Misoprostol pills, two by two in each cheek pouches. This is called buccaneer administration. You need to hold the medication in your mouth for at least 30 minutes and let the pills dissolve naturally before swallowing its residue.

Following the administration of medication

Following the procedure, there are several outcomes that are to be expected –

  1. Bleeding

Just as you have finished taking Misoprostol pills, you will start bleeding vaginally after some hours. This is an expected effect and necessary to end and pass the pregnancy. The bleeding may vary as per the person. Some women can bleed for a longer duration of time while other may bleed less. Bleeding can last up to 9 to 13 days’ average, while some may continue to lightly bleed or experience spotting for a month.

  1. Cramps

You will experience severe to mild cramps for several days following a pregnancy termination. While you pass blood clots and tissues, the cramps may get more intense. As a solution, you can take painkillers for body ache.

  1. Fever

Fever is one of the side effects that may happen to some, while not to others. You can take advice from your doctors if the fever continues for more than a day, i.e. 24 hours.

There are many emotional as well as physical changes after using the MTP Kit like – breast tenderness, bloating, discomfort during intercourse [ only if you engage in sexual activity right after the procedure, which is not advised], tiredness and emotional changes etc.

  1. Nausea

You also feel nauseous and it is common for women to experience diarrhea and vomit during the procedure.

When should one use the second MTP Kit?

There are some circumstances where you may need two MTP Kits than one. This is because

  1. If you more than 8 weeks pregnant, you may possibly need to MTP Kits. This is because, since the pregnancy is developed more in 8 weeks, the recommended dosage may not be adequate to start the abortive procedure.
  2. Another possibility is that you could vomit after taking Misoprostol. As these pills are to be kept in the mouth to dissolve for 30 minutes, it is possible you may get nauseous. If you regurgitate the tablets [ if you see them in the vomit], the dosage has not been absorbed by the body. Therefore, you need to take another dosage of Misoprostol tablets in a similar manner.


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