Important Abortion Terms and Phrases Explained

Important Abortion Terms and Phrases

Not many have a clear idea what exactly a pregnancy termination is or how it is done. With numerous sources misappropriating information, it is hard to get knowledge about abortion terminologies or related ideas. There are two ways one can abort, which is taking MTP Kit pills or visiting a clinic for surgical removal of the pregnancy parts. Here is a brief look into related and direct terms to pregnancy ending, either at early or later stage of conception.

  1. Fertilization and Conception: The process when an oocyte or egg cell produced from ovaries unites with what testicles produce (sperm) to form a zygote, which is earliest state of reproductive development. Conception is not a medical term, but a metaphysical belief where a zygote becomes a being. It is particularly the idea of the person being now pregnant, and in process of developing the pregnancy.
  2. Last menstrual period (LMP): Pregnancy is measured by weeks than months. LMP is that calculation that analyses weekly development of the conceived embryo or fetus. The same is calculated from the very first day of the person’s last period’s dates. LMP is more useful to judge the length of pregnancy from the second semester, but ultrasound and last menstrual period method is accurate in first-semester.
  3. Gestational Age: Again a term that could be vague, but centers around the development period of the pregnancy. But, calculating the same is better done by LMP or ultrasound, as it is difficult to pin down a specific age of the embryo as pregnancy growth can vary at any stage from person to person.
  4. Emergency Contraception: Known also as the ‘morning-after-pill’, it is used to save a person from getting pregnant after an unprotected intercourse. The medicine can be taken up to few days or hours after intimacy. The product prevents, blocks or delays ovulations, and prohibits fertilization, without which there is no pregnancy.
  5. Beginning of Pregnancy: The moment when fertilized egg is successfully implanted to the uterine wall is known as beginning of pregnancy. But, in case of ectopic pregnancy, it means the fertilized egg implanted outside the uterus (a threatening situation and must be dealt with surgically).
  6. Products of Conception: This is a medical term to depict fetal or embryonic contents in uterus and the pregnancy tissues. For ectopic pregnancy, it signals fertilized egg parts implanted other than inside uterus.
  7. Embryo and Fetus: The stage of development of an embryo in humans is up till the ninth weeks of LMP, while LMP for fetus is counted at 10 weeks and after.
  8. Abortion Methods: The technique by which a pregnancy is removed from the uterus. The person can choose to buy MTP Kit for early termination at home being a medical procedure, while in late term, surgery is the only option.
  9. Dilation and Curettage (D and C): Surgical pregnancy termination, also an aspiration procedure done up till about LMP of 13 weeks. Suction technique is utilized to remove the pregnancy. Curettage is known as scraping the uterus clean, which may not be necessary if suction removes all the conception contents.
  10. Dilation and Evacuation (D and E): Another way of ending pregnancy with surgical input, which includes dilating cervix and entering forceps in uterus to remove products of conception. It is done usually later to 14 weeks’ LMP, which is specially done at a clinical setting. Before the process, labor inductions may be facilitated.
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