Thoughts comes in mind while medical abortion

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When a woman is undergoing a medical abortion procedure,  not only is it about physical changes but also it is behavioral changes that a woman goes through. There will be hundreds of thoughts running into your mind, however, you must relax and have patience. The following the explanation will help women to clear the doubts that they would have about the medical abortion process.

Is there only one pill to end the pregnancy?

Though you would be asked to buy abortion pill, it’s actually a combination of two medicines. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two medicines which are used in the medical abortion process to end the pregnancy. You can buy online MTP kit to get both the medicines at once.

Am I going to see anything?

Most probably, no. The second pill in abortion pills causes uterine contractions which further leads to passing pregnancy tissues. Since the pregnancy is aborted in the first trimester, you may or may not see anything weird. There can be blood clots. The size of which depends on the gestation of the pregnancy.

Will it be a lifelong thing?

The after effects of medical abortion include abdomen cramping, diarrhea, heavy vaginal bleeding, headache, fever, vomiting etc. Except for abdomen cramping and vaginal bleeding, other after effects do not occur with every woman. All these after-effects are temporary and the body gets healed on its own once the process gets completed.

Is this going to hurt?

It is, but only for a few hours. The second pill in the abortion pill combination causes uterine contraction which can cause intense abdomen pain. This is necessary for the procedure since it’s a symptom of the abortion procedure is completed. If you’re buying an abortion pills the impact of pain can be relaxed a bit.

Will I become infertile?

Medical abortion or abortion pills do not have any impact on the future pregnancies of the woman. Similarly, it does affect the fertility of the user. When you complete the abortion process and completely heal from the procedure, you’re as fertile as you were before ending the pregnancy with abortion pills.

Finally, it ended.

This is a feeling that every woman gets on the completion of the medical abortion procedure. No woman wishes to be in the unwanted pregnancy phase for a long time. As soon as the pregnancy is aborted, the woman has her sigh of relief.

It wasn’t that bad!

After the process, you realize that it was a matter of only a week and survived that. Medical abortion is an easy procedure if you understood and followed it properly.

Since medical abortion will give you a complete privacy about the unwanted pregnancy and abortion procedure, you will not have to face any people. This will help you escape from the unnecessary judgments of the people. With the maintained privacy, medical abortion does not affect your social life.

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