When Should You Consider Changing Your Birth Control Method?

When Should You Consider Changing Your Birth Control Method?Birth control is a necessity for every adult woman and there are different kinds available for different women.  Some of the types of contraceptive are barrier method, hormonal method, intrauterine methods, emergency contraception and sterilization etc. Even though their method of usage and content may vary, they, different contraceptives give women the option to choose what works best for their system. Therefore each and every method of birth control has its pros and cons.  So what may work well for your friend may not work the best for you.

So here are some signs to look out for that indicate you must change your method of birth control

  • When you are forgetful/ can’t remember to take a pill everyday

There are some women who can’t remember to take the pill each day. If you keep missing or can’t keep track of the pills, there are other options that may be more suitable for you. You can buy Nuvaring and once inserted you can use it for two to three weeks continuously. Nuvaring is an elastic vaginal ring. This soft ring contains low doses of estrogen and progestin and they work the same way as hormonal contraceptives.

You can also buy plan B online and keep a stock of it in case of emergency.

  • When you are bloated or nauseous

Being bloated and queasy are typical premenstrual symptoms and for some women they become excessive when there is a change in birth control method. This may be because your hormones or a lack of them that makes the system go out of control. Depending upon your health, lifestyle and your reaction to nausea and bloating, the healthcare provider will figure out which birth control you can use.

  • In case of breakthrough bleeding

In the olden days all birth control pills had high doses of hormones which created problematic reaction – side effects like weight gain, however they were also good at controlling spotting. Now, birth control pills have lower dosage, therefore there are less chances of weight gain but you may experience irregular breakthrough bleeding.

If you take Ovral G tablets which contain a combination of synthetic hormones – estrogen and progestin, there are less chances of spotting compared to progestin-only pills.

  • Managing the time of your periods

Birth control makes it easier to manipulate the time of your periods. If you are having a special occasion, or going somewhere adventurous, you don’t want to have your menstrual cycle that time. Therefore if you want to properly manage the timing of your periods that the current pill doesn’t fulfill, you’ll need a pill that does.

  • Headaches and mood changes

There can be many unwanted side effects from birth control such as mood swings, losing your libido and persistent headaches. The headaches may be calmed with something like Tylenol or Motrin, however if the headaches persist, you must visit a doctor to have your birth control changed.

Similarly, in case of excessive mood swings and loss of sexual drive, you may have to change the method of contraceptive.

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