When will you start bleeding after taking abortion pills ?


bleeding after taking abortion pills?

The abortion pill procedure involves taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol, 24-48 hours later. It is known that the first dosage, i.e. of Mifepristone does not cause any bleeding or even cramping. Even so, some may experience light bleeding as well as cramps and nausea.

The bleeding and cramping normally start after one has taken Misoprostol pills. It usually takes four – six hours after taking the pills to start bleeding, for some it may start later. For few women, only the cramping and bleeding will occur. Others experience side effects like nausea, fever, chills, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, hot flashes after taking the Misoprostol pills.

Bleeding after taking Abortion pills Misoprostol

Bleeding is the most common sign that signifies the beginning of an abortive procedure. If the abortion continues, the cramps and bleeding become more severe. Abortive bleeding is often more severe than a menstruation bleeding and blood clots are present during the abortive procedure.

The more pregnancy is developed, the heavier the bleeding and cramps will be. If the pregnancy termination is complete, the bleeding and cramps lessen. You can detect the time when you can deem the procedure over, as it happens with a peak of heavier cramps and blood loss.

Normally, the bleeding will carry on lightly for 1 to 3 weeks after taking the abortion pills. Many times, however, it may vary person to person. The normal menstrual bleeding usually returns somewhere in between four to six weeks.

The heaviest bleeding occurs around 2 to 5 hours after Misoprostol uses and then usually slows down within 24 hours. The most intense abdominal cramping and heavy bleeding generally last for three to five hours. However, it can last for more or even less than that time, comparatively.

Meanwhile, some women heavily bleed for up to 48 hours and then pass the blood clots days or even weeks after taking misoprostol. This is common, however, and not dangerous. That is unless you soak through more than two sanitary pads in two or fewer hours. You should also be concerned if you lose heavy bleed clots which are a size of an orange.

It is normal for your body to take a time to empty the uterus completely since every woman’s body is different.

What if I don’t bleed after taking Misoprostol?

If after 24 hours the woman hasn’t started bleeding & is still pregnant, she can take more 4 Misoprostol pills. The first dosage of Mifepristone pill can work up to 72 hours. Therefore, she can take the Misoprostol buccally. This can be done by putting the 4 tablets in each cheek pouches and letting them dissolve for 30 minutes.

Rarely, if pregnancy symptoms continue [ nausea] the woman can have an ultrasound to check if the procedure was complete. Further, she can check if the pregnancy is still continuing or the length of the pregnancy.

The combination of mifepristone and misoprostol has a success rate of 97-98%. However, there is a very rare chance for the pregnancy to be developing after you have taken the abortion pills. If it does, you can have an aspiration procedure to remove the remaining conception parts from the uterus.

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