Questions you’ll probably have about abortion pill

Whenever a woman undergoes a medical termination of pregnancy, all she aims for is the best abortion pills and a safe procedure. So, it is natural to have doubts and concerns regarding the whole process. Hence, this blog aims to answer the questions that may come to a woman’s mind while undergoing the procedure of medical pregnancy termination.

Where can I get an abortion pill?

There are two ways you can find abortion pills. While the first one is a local pharma store, the second option is online pharmacies. Most women like to buy abortion pills online as the way is easier and better among the two.

What are the pills required for medical abortion?

A complete medical abortion process requires a woman to have one pill of anti-progesterone medicine and four pills of prostaglandin medicines. You can have Mifepristone/Mifeprex/Generic RU 486 for the first type and Misoprostol/Cytolog for the second type of medicine.

What are the changes brought by these abortion pills?

Mifepristone stops pregnancy growth. Though it is an important change in the medical abortion procedure, the woman does not experience any major change in the body. The second pill makes the uterus expel pregnancy tissues. When it happens, the woman experiences intense cramping in the abdominal area and bleeding for around a week.

Are there any side effects of abortion pills?

Yes, but only temporary. The side effects of pregnancy termination medicines can be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, excessive bleeding, headache, bloated breasts, etc. However, these side effects are not prolonged. If you experience anything odd and something that lasts longer than 3-4 days, you can immediately inform your healthcare provider.

How much time does it take to complete the medical abortion procedure?

There’s no specific period set for the procedure of medical pregnancy termination. Since it is based on subjective factors such as gestation of pregnancy, medical history, etc. the time taken can vary from person to person.

However, it can take around a week or more to complete the medical abortion process. You should speak to your healthcare provider if the bleeding does not stop.

What should you eat during a medical abortion?

Though there’s no specific diet that has to be followed during the medical termination of pregnancy, one has to make sure that the foods that users eat are light and healthy.

Can you have sexual intercourse during a medical abortion?

If you had sexual intercourse while you are on the abortion pills, the penis inserted in the vagina may create risks of infections. Hence it is advised not to get involved in sexual activities while the user is on the pregnancy termination medications.

What should I user for soaking bleeding?

As told before, inserting anything in the vagina can create complication risks of infection. Hence using tampons Kir menstrual cup should strictly be avoided.

Is there any impact of abortion pills on my future pregnancy?

All the abortion pill side effects are temporary in nature and hence none of them have a relation with your future pregnancy. There may be chances of risks in the care of multiple medical abortion cases. If your pregnant, speak to your healthcare provider regarding your history of abortion case(s).

Will abortion pills affect my fertility?

No. Abortion pills do not affect the fertility of the woman. It neither makes the fertility deteriorated or improved. It stays the same as it was before the consumption of abortion pills.

If you still have doubts regarding the medical abortion process or your health, consider speaking to a healthcare specialist. If the healthcare specialist is not available, you can reach out to online pharmacies which usually have a dedicated team to answer the queries of women.

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