Tips to Medical Pregnancy Termination with Abortion Pills

If you want to end your pregnancy, then you can choose between surgical or medication method to do so. Mostly, females use abortion pills, if they are less than 10 weeks pregnant. The options grant more privacy, as the tablets can be bought and used at home. In surgery, the person visits a clinic for the procedure and expends additional over doctor fee and other costs. With medication pregnancy termination approved by health institutions, it is one of the easiest and safest alternatives to the invasive procedure.

Tips to Medical Pregnancy Termination with Abortion Pills

You need to follow below tips before taking the medicines:

Get to know if you are pregnant. The pregnancy has to be inside the uterus and not outside. Also, you must be not more than 10 weeks pregnant. Meet a doctor and discuss if there are any health issues, medicines taken, or past medical history. Check your suitability for pregnancy termination. It is best to plan medical care and services needed before purchasing abortion pills and readying to use it.

  • Look for large sanitary napkins, painkillers, contact of nearest health clinic prior to beginning a home-based abortion.
  • Decide the place where the pregnancy will be ended. Space must be comfortable and near to a washroom, as at times you may have to visit the same to empty bladder and discard the removed pregnancy sections.
  • The regimen is conducted alone by women for complete privacy, but having someone around for support is also a good idea.

What Will You Experience in Medical Abortion?

Early pregnancy termination is performed by intake of two types of medications. Both are eligible to remove all pregnancy contents from the uterus. Begin by orally downing Mifepristone 200mg tablet with water. Continue with a regular schedule as usual but do not intake alcohol or smoke, nor take up stressful sports, activities, or lifting heavy objects. The medicine thins the uterus lining to which the fetus gets attached. Thus, the fetus will not receive nutrients to continue the pregnancy.

If you see little bleeding do not panic as it is an expected outcome. After 24 hours or two days, you need to take 4 Misoprostol tablets under the tongue. Each of the pills has 200mcg strength. These are strong prostaglandin analog that dilates and ripen the cervix, making it easier for pregnancy sections to seep out of the uterus and vagina. To help pregnancy termination, this medication contracts uterus now and then, so that the remnants get pushed away. Heavy bleeding ousts the fetal remnants from a womb.

What Did You need to Do After Abortion?

After 2 weeks of taking the first medication, you will notice the side effects of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, cramping disappearing. Generally, these effects die down later to few hours or days of using the Misoprostol abortion pill. The most significant change will be the bleeding becoming lighter. For some, it can become only spotting. While these indications mean that pregnancy termination was a success, to gain real confirmation, get an ultrasound of uterus done or clinical pregnancy test.

Normally, pregnancy test cars or urine examination do not give accurate outcomes until 3 to 4 weeks later to the termination procedure. Thus, follow-up at a hospital and know if the abortion pills worked or you need a surgical method done to get rid of any remains. Usually, the doctor will not be able to tell if you took the medicines, and none of them were used vaginally. It is your decision to let the physician know about the procedure or feign a miscarriage.


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