What Can You Expect After Successful Medical Abortion?

It is the healthcare provider who will tell you what to and what not to do or expect after pregnancy termination with medications. If you were to buy abortion pill during breastfeeding, and did not stop it, probably the child will suffer from diarrhea. If such symptoms are noticed, take your kid to nearest clinic soon. Many of us are shy about asking questions, but with doctor you can get answers to all the queries, which is also important, as medical pregnancy ending does involve a lot of experiences even after the products of conception are removed from the body.

What Can You Expect After Successful Medical Abortion

Feelings Following Pregnancy Termination

You may encounter a lot of feelings later to ending pregnancy. Most of us feel relief that the procedure turned out successful. But, some can feel regret, guilt, sadness or anger for a while. It is the sudden ups and downs in the hormones that can influence these feelings to be stronger for a short-term. There are no serious or long-term emotional issues from the regimen. These happen even after a person has delivered child, this MTP Kit tablets are not to be blamed for the effects largely.

The likeliness of problems later to ending conception may occur due to some reasons, which are mentioned below:

  • Important people in life were not supportive to your decision of getting pregnancy ended.
  • You have a history of emotional problems prior to the procedure.
  • Having to end a wanted pregnancy, but your health or that of the fetus was in danger.

In case you wish to speak with someone following pregnancy termination, the provider of the service can be referred, or you can visit a licensed counselor or few support groups. Make sure the organization or the person you are approaching abides by ethical laws such as nonjudgmental emotional support, and information kept confidential along with privacy.

Getting Periods Later to the Regimen

Pregnancy termination begins a new period’s cycle, and you must have a regular menstruation in 4 to 6 weeks after the process has completed. For some it can take a little more or less time for getting regular periods. However, even before the menses start, you are bound to encounter light bleeding, which is symptoms of medical pregnancy ending, and is not something to worry about.

Intimacy and Birth Control

Some healthcare providers suggest not undertaking vaginal intercourse before a follow up for pregnancy termination or a pelvic exam. Until the bleeding from the procedure exists, you maybe advised against inserting anything in the vagina, including tampons. Pregnancy can happen very soon following the termination procedure, thus birth control is very important, and a concern for most women to talk about after abortion pill method.

To know which type of contraceptive will work for you the best, speak to pregnancy care counselor or doctor. Most of us are recommended medications or patches against emergency contraceptive or an intrauterine device. If you wish to get sterilized, you may have to wait for few more weeks before getting the procedure done. Until then you can utilize hormonal tablets that prevent a pregnancy from happening.


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