Why I Use Birth Control Pills ?

“Why I Use Birth Control Pills”?

Birth control coverage has been in the limelight in the recent years. Through the Affordable Care Act, 20 forms of contraception are covered, but the recent political change indicates that such coverage is only temporary.

Opinions about contraception aside, the misinformation about birth control circulating around the social networking websites, are the most unhelpful most of which term women on birth control as moochers, sluts or entitled.

Here are some personal accounts are given by women who want to challenge these unfair caricatures.

  • Jacqueline C. Mathews   

Jacqueline C. Mathews

I had my first period in 11th grade. It was really painful; the cramping was so intense that I vomited. For two days I was hunched over in a fetal position, wishing why I couldn’t have been born as a boy. The only things I used as pain-reliever was a heating pad and Tylenol.

It wasn’t until I was in my second year at college that I started using birth control pills. That was at the time when I was one of those people who believed that there was no need for birth control if I wasn’t having sex. Well, I did away with my prejudice, when I started taking Ovral-G birth control pills.

I use contraceptive not for the protection, although it is nice to have that side-effect, but because of the crumbling pain, I feel every month.

  • Wanda N. Rash

Wanda N. Rash

I take birth control because I am responsible- that’s it! I am a Christian woman who has a very loving boyfriend. I have friends who gossip about women using contraceptives like they are some kind of harlots!

I used to be one of them too until a dear friend had to have an abortion in secret because she and her boyfriend didn’t use protection and didn’t want a child yet. I realized I was being foolish, and booked an appointment with a GYN who got me on Yasmin pills.

  • Jenna W. Graves

Jenna W. Graves

The first time I had my hemorrhagic cyst when I was just sixteen. They said I had polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS] and had prescribed me hormonal therapy.

Over the next four to five years, they gave different types of birth control pills, all of which didn’t seem to help [they caused excessive nausea and migraines]. At last, I tried using Nuvaring which worked perfectly for me- except at the time I couldn’t afford it.

One time while in class, I had suddenly had a searing pain. I hunched over and suddenly fainted. I have been using Nuvaring since then, and my medical insurance covers it.

If that stops, I would have to buy Nuvaring online.

  • Connie W. Thomas

Connie W. Thomas

I am a married woman with three wonderful kids. The youngest one is finally old enough so that I can start going to a job again. As much as I love my kids, it’s not easy to take care of three of them. My husband earns well but it’s not easy to get all the bills paid with just his salary. So we decided that I am going to start my job again.

I am very fertile, so that’s why I have to be on birth control. Now my family is complete and adding another member will take a toll on us – physical, financially and emotionally as well.

So that’s the reason I take birth control pills, for me and my family.


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